Black Lion Garden Plot Deed

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Black Lion Garden Plot Deed.png

Black Lion Garden Plot Deed

Item type
Black Lion Collections.png Dedicated Gardener
Account Bound
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Double-click to consume.
This activates four plant nodes for daily harvesting within your home instance. Nodes in your garden can be sown with seeds to grow plants of your choice.

— In-game description

The Black Lion Garden Plot Deed unlocks a garden plot for the home instance. Unlike the chef version, it also unlocks extra benefits.


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Gem Store Gem Store 1,000 Gem


  • See Garden plot#List of crops for a full list of crops that may be planted here.
  • Up to two Black Lion Garden Plot Deeds may be purchased, each unlocking 4 special harvesting nodes in all five instances.
  • The seeds need to be purchased from a Gardener near the plot. They are free, however, some of the seeds need to be unlocked first via additional collection.
  • Nodes planted require only a copper harvesting sickle, even if that crop would require a higher-tier sickle in the open world.
  • These are the only nodes inside the home instance that are affected by Gathering Bonuses such as Gathering Booster, Item Booster, and Glyph of Bounty.
  • The nodes can be gathered by anyone visiting the home instance, as long as the owner has not gathered them and exited the instance — upon reentering the home instance, the nodes will be unharvestable.
  • If you gather from another player's home instance, your own nodes will be unharvestable even if they were growing different plants.
  • Differs from the Garden Plot Deed in the following ways:
    • Unlocks the Dedicated Gardener achievement.
    • A wide variety of extra seeds may be purchased from the gardener, in addition to a handful of exclusive crafting recipes.
    • Gardener-purchased seeds will automatically regrow the next day without needing to be replanted.
    • Gardener-purchased seeds can be harvested by people other than the instance owner.
    • Home instances with gardens that are far from the entrance will spawn an object which allows quick access to the garden.


Upon consuming the item, the player receives the following mail:


Black Lion Deeds and Titles Division

Your New Garden

Congratulations! Your new garden has been installed in your home and is now ready for use.

Speak to the on-site gardener to pick which seeds you want to grow. To plant your seeds, equip the appropriate seed pouches from your inventory, then interact with a patch of open soil. The crops you plant will regrow each day until you change the type of crop that's planted in each area. Your gardener will have several seeds available to start, but you can unlock more varieties by harvesting seeds from plants in the wild.

Your gardener can answer any questions you have in more detail. Good luck, and happy gardening.

—Black Lion Deeds and Titles Division

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