Jade Fragments

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Jade Fragments

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Resource node
Orichalcum Mining Pick
Jade Shard

Jade Fragments are resource nodes found in the explorable zone of Lake Doric.

Gathering results[edit]


  • The Jade Fragment Node can be used to unlock a node inside a player's home instance which yields 3 shards daily.
    • Mining that node with a mining pick of lesser quality will give ruined materials instead of the Bloodstone Dust, but will still yield the Jade Shards.
  • An account is able to harvest 35 nodes per map instance, hard capped at 50 nodes per day. The home instance node does not contribute to meeting this limit.
  • When initially released, the home instance node had the appearance of a Petrified Stump, and displayed its ID, 782470, instead of its proper name. This was later fixed.
If you do not have Heart of Thorns, you can harvest Jade Fragments in another player's home instance, but you will not receive Unbound Magic.