Iron Legion Arsenal

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Iron Legion Arsenal

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Iron Legion Arsenal map.jpg
Map of Iron Legion Arsenal

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The Iron Legion Arsenal is a warehouse used to store weapons within the Black Citadel.


Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Vigil Chapterhouse





Merchant (vendor icon).png Buel
Karma Merchant (map icon).png Uram

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Iron Legion Soldier (1): I'm on duty at the armory later. I work in weapons maintenance.
Iron Legion Soldier (2): We must have a lot of blades to sharpen.
Iron Legion Soldier (1): I don't mind the blades so much. It's cleaning the rifles that gets to me.
Iron Legion Soldier (2): Why's that?
Iron Legion Soldier (1): They don't need it. Have you ever met a charr who didn't keep his weapon pristine?
Iron Legion Soldier (2): And yet, we have to take the rifles apart and clean them again anyway.
Iron Legion Soldier (1): Have you heard? The Slice warband is back. They were victorious. No losses!
Iron Legion Soldier (2): Yeah! Woo woo woo!
Iron Legion Soldier (3): Oo-rah!
Iron Legion Soldier (1): I have to spread the word!
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: Pay attention scrubs. You're looking at the most sophisticated defense system ever designed.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: The Iron Legion worked tirelessly for weeks to get these devastating weapons into your hands.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: You're the vanguards for your units, and you'll be required to pass along everything you learn today.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: Now, before I talk about how to employ these beauties, let's go over the rules.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: First rule! Do not cross in front of the muzzle at any time during the cleaning, the loading, or the firing procedure.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: Second rule! Do not fill charges with more than three scoops of powder from the keg. Ever.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: Third rule! No whiskey within twenty paces of the loading breech or barrel. If tempted, ask Krold Twostumps why we added the rule.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: Moving on! Snouts up. I'm going to enlighten you to the process for loading and firing this weapon.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: First, you clean the vent and the bore. Make sure both are clear and free of powder remnants.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: Next, load the powder. Remember, three scoops! No more, no less. If less, you'll fall short of your target. If more, you'll have a very, very bad day.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: Now, you're ready to pack in the projectile. Make sure the load is fully seated, or you will burst the barrel.
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: Lastly, check there's nothing forward of the muzzle, and call out to your crew before igniting the charge. Then, prime the vent and fire the weapon!
Ordnance Officer Ironbarb: Seems simple, but failure to follow these steps will result in death and mutilation- yours. We need every soldier in one piece. Now, get out of here.
Plebeian: How did you ever manage to build such a thriving metropolis out of such war-blasted ruins?
Iron Legion Soldier: We're charr, Iron Legion. We can build anything.
Grunt (1): I think our boss doesn’t know what he’s doing.
Grunt (2): Unacceptable! Tell you what: you hold him, and I’ll punch him in the face.
Grunt (1): And we’ll both be fighting in the arena before nightfall. No way.

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Old Soldier: I'll never forget first time one of those war wagons rolled into camp. Right then and there, I knew I wanted to be Iron.
Ash Legion Soldier: I like sylvari, but every time I see one, I'm tempted to use them to sharpen my claws.
Ash Legion Soldier: I don't know. I'm loathe to climb inside that metal monstrosity. Give me a trusted blade and shield any day.
Cub: Never turn your back on a devourer, or you'll get a tail full of poison.
Citizen: We shall just conquer Orr already.
Soldier: The only way I ever remember anything important is if it comes with a good scar.
Soldier: My only fear is that I'll end up a gladium. I'm not so good being by myself.
Citizen: I heard some engineer invented a device he calls a "cattlepult". I'm dying to see it in action!
At the Vigil Chapterhouse
Ash Legion Soldier: What are you supposed to be?
Vigil Crusader: I'm a soldier.
Ash Legion Soldier: Then you better soldier on through. This place can be rough on mice like you.
Vigil Crusader: No offense intended, my friend.
Ash Legion Soldier: If I took offense, you wouldn't be standing right now.
Ash Legion Soldier: You better stay sharp, mouse.
Vigil Crusader: I'm not looking for a fight.
Ash Legion Soldier: Sometimes that doesn't matter
Ash Legion Soldier: Don't get carried away. Everyone's got to know his place.
Vigil Crusader: But I can challenge a charr. I can fight him in the arena.
Ash Legion Soldier: Sure... but then your place is gonna be on the ground.