Basic Leather Rack (object)

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Basic Leather Rack

Basic Leather Rack is a node players can unlock for their home instances. It is obtained by purchasing the Basic Leather Rack account upgrade in the Gem Store for 800 Gem. When used, it will give three random sized stacks of rawhide, thin and/or coarse leather.

Gathering results[edit]


Maguuma Jungle
Shiverpeak Mountains


The map icon of this node sometimes remains after being gathered in some Home Instances, and sometimes reappears after re-entering an instance.
  • The rack drops three random items from the list above, once per day per account. The same type of leather may drop all three times.
  • Gathering does not use any resources, such as logging axes, mining picks or harvesting sickles.
  • Entering the home instance of another player who owns the Basic Leather Rack allows the opportunity to gather from the rack, subject to the account-limit of one try per node per day.