War Wagon Prep Deck

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War Wagon Prep Deck

War Wagon Prep Deck map.jpg
Map of War Wagon Prep Deck

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War Wagon Prep Deck.jpg

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The War Wagon Prep Deck is an area in the Black Citadel, to the south of the Mustering Ground. It serves as a maintenance and parking area for charr armored vehicles.





Karma Merchant (map icon).png Sutia

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Citizen (1): Our guild has been challenged to fight "any time, any place."
Citizen (2): If they've got the time, I've got the weapons.
Citizen (1): You should've seen it, he was spitting up teeth and blood.
Citizen (2): He'll think twice before he says that again.
Citizen (1): Some of these crooked merchants are too sharp for the Adamant guard.
Citizen (2): Don't worry I've got something sharper.
Citizen (1): That guy is an idiot.
Citizen (2): Watch it. He's in my warband..
Citizen (1): I'm just sayin'.
Citizen (2): We're a band of brothers. He may be an idiot but he's still my brother.
Cub: Yeah, ow yeah! wohoo!
Cub: That was fun. Now, I'm starving
Soldier: This place is beautiful.
Old Soldier: Even better without other races trumping in here.
Iron Legion Engineer (1): What happens if we smelt these metals together in different proportions?
Iron Legion Engineer (2): Is there anything stopping us from finding out?
Iron Legion Engineer (1): Nothing. Our orders are to produce a stronger alloy to axles. We'll do whatever it takes.
Iron Legion Engineer (1): They send over the new schematics for the new tank design. You're gonna love this!
Iron Legion Engineer (2): I can't wait to see 'em. I heard they're genius.
Iron Legion Engineer (1): We're on the cutting edge here. It's incredible. Nobody builds war machinery like we do.
Iron Legion Engineer (2): Oo-rah!
Ash Legion Soldier (1): I worked with a sylvari sniper last year. He was eerily accurate.
Ash Legion Soldier (2): They do that sometimes.
Grizz Sparkiron: You can slit my throat right now, and I’d die happy. Would you look at these beauties?
Davra Sparkfuse: Sparkburn’s gonna shame himself when he sees this. This is his dream come true.
Seath Hammerstrike: It won’t be long before your own sweat and blood'll be going into making war wagons like these.
Grizz Sparkiron: Aw yeah! I just walked into the future.
Seath Hammerstrike: Okay, that’s the last stop. Behave yourselves. You and the rest of your warband report for duty tomorrow, at dawn.
Grizz Sparkiron: We'll be here, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. See you then.
Citizen (1): I'm glad we have those norn on our side. We're going to need their help.
Citizen (2): After we push back Flame Legion, they're the ones I'd like to share land with.
Iron Legion Engineer (1): This project had me so frustrated that my own tail started getting on my nerves.
Iron Legion Engineer (2): What did you do?
Iron Legion Engineer (1): Weighted down my tail and rebuilt the level assembly. That did the trick.
Adamant Guard: The only way I ever remember anything important is if it comes with a good scar.
Citizen: This proposed truce with humans isn't going to be an easy bone for for either side to swallow.
Boss: Why are you standing around? There’s work to do!
Grunt: I’m on my break.
Boss: I’ll break something else if you don’t get busy.
Grunt (1): Why do we have to redo this?
Grunt (2): A job worth doing is worth doing twice.
Grunt (1): You need to slow down. Measure twice, cut once.
Grunt (2): I'd rather measure once and cut twice.
Grunt (1): How about I measure and you cut?
Grunt (2): That's more like it.