Raw Candy Corn

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Raw Candy Corn

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Resource node
Copper Mining Pick
Piece of Candy Corn

Raw Candy Corns are resource nodes that randomly appear during Halloween, typically in locations that ordinary ore nodes might spawn. They can be mined at least 3 times.

Gathering results[edit]


Since the end of Halloween 2014, Raw Candy Corn nodes may flash in-game and on the map for only a second at unknown times. These are not actual nodes and cannot be harvested.
  • Players can obtain this node for their home instance by acquiring the Gift of Candy Corn, with the option to upgrade it via the Greater Gift of Candy Corn (available only during Halloween).
  • Two, or more, people as a party can harvest both this node and the King-Sized Candy Corn node in their home instances, if the home instance owner owns each. Each player must enter their own instance with the other player(s) as a party member.

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