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Bloodstone Crystals

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Bloodstone Crystals

Bloodstone Crystals are resource nodes found in Bloodstone Fen.

Gathering results[edit]

Home instance[edit]

Each of three strikes yields:


Heart of Maguuma
Maguuma Jungle
Shiverpeak Mountains


  • Bloodstone Crystal Node.pngBloodstone Crystal Node can be used to unlock a node inside a player's home instance.
    • Mining that node with a mining pick of lesser quality will give Ruined Ore Chunks instead of the Bloodstone Dust, but will still yield the blood rubies.
  • An account is able to harvest 35 nodes each day, with each character being able to contribute a maximum of 28 to that limit.
    • The nodes are also separated in 3 groups. One group in the floating island area, one on the ground, and one in the underground cave. A character can deplete one of these groups without depleting the other two, but they all share the account-wide limit.
    • The home instance node does not contribute to meeting this limit.
    • Logging out and back in on one character may bypass the per-character limit of 28 nodes.