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Primordial Orchid

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Primordial Orchid

Primordial Orchids are resource nodes primarily found in the explorable zone of Draconis Mons. They can be found in other maps after completing A Henge Away from Home.

Gathering results[edit]

Home instance[edit]

Each of three strikes yields:


Maguuma Jungle
Maguuma Wastes
Ring of Fire
Ruins of Orr
Shiverpeak Mountains


  • Primordial Orchids can only be obtained once a day per account. There may be an additional cooldown on top of the daily reset depending on the time the Primordial Orchids were last obtained (reported to occurr when last obtained within +/- 6 hours before reset, after which a separate cooldown of +/- 20-22 hours is applied).
  • There are at least 48 Primordial Orchid nodes scattered around Draconis Mons.
  • The Primordial Orchids outside of Draconis Mons are only available to players after planting Fire Orchid Seeds as part of the related achievements.
  • The Fire Orchid Node can be used to unlock a node inside a player's home instance which yields 3 blossoms daily.
    • Logging that node with a logging axe of lesser quality[verification requested] will give ruined materials instead of the Empyreal Fragments, but will still yield the Fire Orchid Blossoms.
If you do not have Heart of Thorns, you can harvest a Primordial Orchid in another player's home instance, but you will not receive Unbound Magic.


  • The Primordial Orchids appear to be modeled after Renantheras, a genus of Vandaceous orchids.