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Primordial Orchid

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Primordial Orchid

Primordial Orchids are resource nodes primarily found in the explorable zone of Draconis Mons. They can be found in other maps after completing A Henge Away from Home.


Maguuma Jungle
Maguuma Wastes
Ring of Fire
Ruins of Orr

Gathering results[edit]


  • There are at least 48 Primordial Orchid nodes scattered around Draconis Mons.
  • The Primordial Orchids outside of Draconis Mons are only available to players after planting Fire Orchid Seeds as part of the related achievements.
  • The Fire Orchid Node can be used to unlock a node inside a player's home instance which yields 3 blossoms daily.
    • Logging that node with a logging axe of lesser quality[verification requested] will give ruined materials instead of the Empyreal Fragments, but will still yield the Fire Orchid Blossoms.
If you do not have Heart of Thorns, you can harvest a Primordial Orchid in another player's home instance, but you will not receive Unbound Magic.


  • The Primordial Orchids appear to be modeled after Renantheras, a genus of Vandaceous orchids.