Growing Crops

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Growing Crops

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Home instance
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Growing Crops Larger.jpg
Growing Crops upon leaving and re-entering home instance

Growing Crops are occupied plots of dirt inside the player's Home instance after unlocking a garden plot.

Growing Crops are created by planting seeds in Open Soil. They can only be removed while the player is holding a seed pouch bundle, and removing Growing Crops changes the plot back to Open Soil. On daily reset, the crops become harvestable gathering nodes corresponding to the planted seed.


If player has not clicked the second dialogue option yet
These crops are not ready to be harvested. If you want to grow something different in this plot, remove these crops and plant different seeds. Removed crops do not produce resources.
Tick green.png I'll remove these plants.
Tick green.png Got it. I don't need this reminder anymore.
Talk end option tango.png I'll come back when they're ready to harvest.


  • The reminder text will no longer show once the player chooses the "Got it" dialogue option.
  • When attempting to remove a plant without a seed pouch bundle held, the game will display the error message "Please equip a seed pouch to remove growing crops."
  • The crops will appear to grow a little after leaving and re-entering the instance, but they will not mature fully until the daily reset.

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