Haunted Nolani

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Haunted Nolani

Haunted Nolani map.jpg
Map of Haunted Nolani

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Haunted Nolani is the ruins of the town of Nolani. It contains the Nolani Academy. It is full of Ascalonian ghosts from the Foefire that are constantly attempting to attack the Black Citadel. The ghosts are kept back by the Ghostblast Battery that are constantly firing at the edge of the ruins.




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Iron Legion Soldier: You know what? We need more cannons over the front gate.
Iron Legion Soldier (2): We can never have too many cannons.
Iron Legion Soldier: The scouts on the towers make sure no one sneaks up on this place.
Iron Legion Soldier (2): If scouts can see it, the cannons can hit it.
Iron Legion Soldier: Nothing going to get past these walls.
Iron Legion Soldier (2): These cannons have an answer for anything that comes our way.
Citizen: I heard the charr in Lion's Arch are having a tough time.
Citizen (2): Good.
(This is continuation of the excursion scene from the Memorial Quadrant.)
Zyron Hopecrush: We'll pause so you can admire the magnificence of Iron Legion design. The Iron Legion built this city as their headquarters. We put the Blood and Ash Legions to shame. I'll give you a moment to take it all in.
Glynneth: Oh, it's amazing. I was wondering—
Zyron Hopecrush: No time. We need to keep moving. I'm sure you're both exhausted.
Glynneth: Not really.
Tallfir Winge: I'm fine.
(Tour dialogue continued in Canton Factorium.)


  • Oddly, there's no mention of ghosts near the Town of Nolan, which was built over the ruins of Nolani, a town adjacent to the north of Nolani Academy.