Goemm's Lab

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Goemm's Lab

Goemm's Lab map.jpg
Map of Goemm's Lab


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Goemm's Lab is a jumping puzzle located in the skies above Metrica Province. At the end there is a veteran Goemm the Mad and a Magnificent Chest and a gate back to the Cuatl Morass.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Event boss (tango icon).png Defeat Goemm the Mad (13)

Getting there[edit]

The entrance is a cave obscured by greenery, between Waypoint (map icon).png Cuatl Waypoint and Hero point.pngOola's Hero Challenge to the south.

Go south from the waypoint, following the cliff to the east. About two thirds of the way to the hero challenge, you'll find an opening in the cliff, obscured by foliage: go inside. Once inside the cave, jump up the floating stepping stones to the north and then east. Keep jumping north across small floating islands until you emerge from the cave, now facing west and overlooking the waypoint.

The entrance portal is just ahead: carefully jump over one last set of floating stepping stones, bearing in mind that the fall will kill you. The gap between the stepping stones varies a bit, so change how far you jump accordingly. A chest is available to loot just by the entrance portal.






Related achievements[edit]


  • If you die during the puzzle, instead of just falling, you will have to be resurrected by an ally. If you are in combat when you fall, you might suffer falling damage instead of being teleported back to the first station.
  • The puzzle had previously included an Aetherblade Cache, introduced with the original Sky Pirates of Tyria update. It was subsequently removed but has now been reintroduced as part of the Sky Pirates update, along with an associated achievement.
  • At some point, the Cave Bat guarding the first attunement device was downgraded from a veteran to a normal rank.
  • If you have completed the Buried Archives jumping puzzle in the same server reset period, you will be unable to loot the chest at Goemm's Lab.
  • On occasion, attempting to return to the Stormy Station, the Golem Assistant will transport you to an unsafe location, causing you to fall immediately after you spawn and forcing you to restart the puzzle. To prevent this, take a step or two closer to the NPC before accepting the transportation offer.
  • A few players have reported that, after falling from certain spots, they are transported back to the inquest complex in the northeast corner of Metrica Province. This removes any existing attunement, so that you would have to restart the puzzle.


  • Goemm, the boss at the end of the jumping puzzle, is the asura featured using Mirror Images on the Guild Wars 2 official Mesmer Page.