Mistlock Mountaineer

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Mistlock Mountaineer

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Map of Mistlock Mountaineer


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Mistlock Mountaineer is a jumping puzzle located in the Mistlock Observatory in the Fractals of the Mists.

Getting there[edit]

Enter the Fractals of the Mists from Lion's Arch. Head north-east to the small portal which teleports you to the Fractal Instability Trainer golem. Go down the stairs, turn left, run across the stream and up the hill. On the south side you can see some stairs. This is where the jumping puzzle starts.


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  • There is a pair of Diving Goggles in the tree at the end of the puzzle. Using these and jumping into the portal grants the Falling! Screaming! Diving! achievement.
  • Talking to the Fractal Instability Trainer and choosing "Set the checkpoint to this island" will allow you to respawn at the start of the jumping puzzle, instead of the main platform, should you die.
  • The achievement for this jumping puzzle is part of the Fractals of the Mists achievement category instead of the Jumping Puzzles achievement category.
  • Unlocking Data Key Log- Extracurricular Studies.pngData Key Log: Extracurricular Studies enable you access to low gravity by talking to Yokko, second option. This allows some shortcut and easier way to complete the jumping puzzle.

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