Troll's End

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Troll's End

Troll's End map.jpg
Map of Troll's End

Troll's End.jpg
Troll's End

Troll's End was a jumping puzzle in Trader's Forum located in Lion's Arch. It could be accessed by dropping from the above ledge (near the vista), into the water below. With the June 23, 2015 update, the achievement for the puzzle was moved to "Retired Achievements" and a new jumping puzzle, Troll's Revenge was added to Lion's Arch.

Getting there[edit]

You must now fall off into the well, you may then begin the puzzle

Start off at Canal Ward waypoint, head northeast, climb up the rocks and jump across the broken bridge up to the rocky plateau with the Trader's Forum vista ahead of you.

There is a leaning stone tower to the left of the plank to the vista - walk along the nearby beam and jump on to the tower.

Beside the pillar holding up the vista walkway is a shorter pillar. Rotate your character so that they are looking at the walkway and take a single step off the edge of the tower such that you miss the pillar and land in the well below. You will not take any falling damage if you land in the well since it is full of water.

Historical walkthrough[edit]

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  • There were once two possible shortcuts to the puzzle, both of which allowed one to skip the most difficult parts. You could jump to the end of the first boardwalk found from a nearby elevated plateau or use a leap skill to the left of the board. The second required you to jump from the slippery slope area to the ledge just past the jump after the last boardwalk. These shortcuts were removed/blocked during one of the builds leading up to dragon bash, though the change was not announced.
  • Note while dropping into the light well... Drop, don't jump into the well; slip off the edge that you approach from. And don't jump all the way to the bottom of the well - on your next drop, land on the balance beam.


  • The January 28th, 2013 update removed a third shortcut that allowed you to jump to the pillars that come just before the first boardwalk.
  • There used to be a skeleton of a troll at the end of the puzzle and some gathering nodes, but these have been removed since February 18, 2014 due to Scarlet's attack on the city. In Troll's Revenge, Rolan's corpse is back at the end of the puzzle.