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Troll's End

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Troll's End

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Map of Troll's End


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Troll's End is a jumping puzzle in Trader's Forum located in the Memory of Old Lion's Arch. During the period between Lion's Arch's destruction and the re-release of Battle for Lion's Arch, it was replaced by the Troll's Revenge jumping puzzle, though the two now coexist.

Getting there[edit]

From the scaffolding above, drop into the well

Start off at Waypoint (map icon).png Trader's Forum Waypoint (Memory of Old Lion's Arch), head northeast. Swim across the canal and climb the ramps of the wooden tower, then take the long wooden bridge back towards Trader's Forum. Continue until the walkway makes a hairpin turn.

From the edge of the walkway, look down. The entrance is a deep well covered with plants that you must fall into.


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  • There were once two possible shortcuts to the puzzle, both of which allowed one to skip the most difficult parts. You could jump to the end of the first boardwalk found from a nearby elevated plateau or use a leap skill to the left of the board. The second required you to jump from the slippery slope area to the ledge just past the jump after the last boardwalk. These shortcuts were removed/blocked during one of the builds leading up to Dragon Bash, though the change was not announced.

Related achievements[edit]


  • The January 28th, 2013 update removed a third shortcut that allowed you to jump to the pillars that come just before the first boardwalk.
  • This jumping puzzle became inaccessible on June 23, 2015 during the release of the current version of Lion's Arch, which replaced with Troll's Revenge.
  • It only became accessible again on November 8, 2022 during the Battle for Lion's Arch re-release, within Memory of Old Lion's Arch.
  • A Jungle Troll's body can be found at the end of the puzzle near some gathering nodes. These were removed February 18, 2014 due to Scarlet's attack on the city, and only returned with the return of the puzzle in Memory of Old Lion's Arch. Rolan's body is found in a similar place at the end of Troll's Revenge in Lion's Arch.