Chaos Crystal Cavern

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Chaos Crystal Cavern

Chaos Crystal Cavern map.jpg
Map of Chaos Crystal Cavern


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Chaos Crystal Cavern is a jumping puzzle in the southwest portion of the Iron Marches west of Waypoint (map icon).png Old Piken Ruins Waypoint. The area features giant crystals of various sizes, many effects that help or hinder the player, and enemies from all over Tyria.

Getting there[edit]

Start at Waypoint (map icon).png Old Piken Ruins Waypoint in Champion's Shield. Travel west from the waypoint to a cliff with some Cliff Bats on it. Jump up this cliff, then walk south to a large hole with roots across the opening; a pair of Diving Goggles will be on the ground beside it. There is a pool of water at the bottom of this hole and rock ledges along the sides of the water. Landing on these ledges can kill the player, so aim toward the middle of the hole before jumping down. Once in the water, swim down through an underwater tunnel. You will arrive in a colorful open cave with the start of the puzzle nearby.


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  • Diving goggles are available next to the entrance to the puzzle.
  • An Unusual Asura Gate at the end of the puzzle transports you to high above Bloodfin Lake, just north of Waypoint (map icon).png Bloodfin Lake Waypoint.

Related achievements[edit]