Antre of Adjournment

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Antre of Adjournment

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Map of Antre of Adjournment


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The Antre of Adjournment is a jumping puzzle in the Theater of Delight, within Malchor's Leap. It is an underground cave which is also used by Arcanist Slizz as a hideout.

Getting there[edit]

From Waypoint (map icon).png Valley of Lyss Waypoint, head east and jump into the river.

The entrance to the puzzle is a small circular opening in the east face of the river canyon, just north of the bridge to the Valley of Lyss Waypoint.

If the Valley of Lyss Waypoint is contested, use Waypoint (map icon).png Pagga's Waypoint and head west until you can jump into the river.


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  • Arcanist Slizz also refers to it as the Refuse of Remoteness, Sanctuary of Seclusion, Estuary of Enigma, or Presidio of Perplexity.