Hexfoundry Unhinged

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Hexfoundry Unhinged

Hexfoundry Unhinged Map.jpg
Map of Hexfoundry Unhinged

Hexfoundry Unhinged.jpg
Hexfoundry Unhinged

The Hexfoundry Unhinged is a jumping puzzle located in the Darkweather Rise in the south-eastern part of Sparkfly Fen that contains two chests. It appears to have been an Inquest lab and several terminals in the area give insight as to what may have caused its destruction.

Getting there[edit]

South-east of the
Waypoint (tango icon).png
Darkweather Waypoint, behind the Inquest
Point of interest.png
Inquest Hexfoundry G-14 Point of Interest.


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  • There is no need to rush, the switches remain open a long time.
  • You can skip switches 2 and 3 if they've already been turned off, by jumping down from the first switch into the water, and then climbing up the slabs on the east side of the room.
  • The platforms with the single glowing symbol can be jumped on. The double symbol can not be.


Related achievements[edit]

  • Legendary Weapons (achievements).png Legendary Weapons: HOPE III: PrototypeAs the hylek are masters of alchemy, so too are the asura the wizards of technomagical research. They understand the forces in play in their Eternal Alchemy and how to apply them to the greater world. Uncover their secrets in your work to attain Prototype, the next step in your legendary for attaining HOPE. (3Achievement pointsChest of AnomalyThis is a hidden achievement.)
  • Legendary Weapons (achievements).png Legendary Weapons: Meteorlogicus III: StormPower, regardless of origin, is only of use when it is properly mastered, and to control the elements, one must understand the nature of control itself. Consider the nature of control, those who control, and those who are controlled, in your quest to attain the legendary precursor Storm. (3Achievement pointsChest of ControlThis is a hidden achievement.)