Grendich Gamble

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Grendich Gamble

Grendich Gamble map.jpg
Map of Grendich Gamble

Grendich Gamble.jpg
Grendich Gamble

The Grendich Gamble is a jumping puzzle located in the western portion of Diessa Plateau.

Getting there[edit]

Grendich Gamble is the ruined building seen to the north east of Blasted Moors Waypoint in Diessa Plateau, east of the Hero challenge, with Cannons and Trebuchets as well as Ascalonian ghosts on it. It is near the
Waypoint (tango icon).png
 Blasted Moors Waypoint .


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Unlike most Jumping Puzzles, there is a Rich Silver Vein instead of a chest at the end.