Troll's Revenge

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Troll's Revenge

Troll's Revenge map.jpg
Map of Troll's Revenge


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The Troll's Revenge is a jumping puzzle near the Captain Theo Ashford Memorial Bridge located in Lion's Arch.

Getting there[edit]

Start off at the Waypoint (map icon).png Fort Marriner Waypoint, run along the bridge until you reach the last archway on the right side. The jumping puzzle starts after jumping over the barrels to the wooden planks on the left.


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Troll's Revenge will lead you across rooftops and cliffs of the Grand Piazza, the Western Ward and the Commodore's Quarter, and can take from 15 minutes up to several hours to complete. While some of the tricky areas have safety nets or other safe structures underneath, if you fall to the ground and survive and don't have access to an active Portal or an Experimental Teleporter, you'll have to start from the beginning.

Along the way, you'll find 4 Hidden Stashes with fragments of Rolan's Master Key, which opens the final chest.


Related achievements[edit]


If you open the Troll's End chest on the same day, the Troll's Revenge end chest will be already opened for that day, preventing you from looting it or gaining the achievement.