Dark Reverie

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Dark Reverie

Dark Reverie map.jpg
Map of Dark Reverie

Dreamdark Enclave.jpg
Dark Reverie

Dark Reverie is a difficult jumping puzzle located in the south-eastern part of Caledon Forest.

Getting there[edit]

Either complete the Morgan's Leap jumping puzzle, then continue to the north and west across some floating rocks to enter the Dreamdark Enclave or go through the entrance on the ground level to the southeast (if it has been opened by another player from the inside).


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  • The worst spot is a heavily slanted leaf about 2/3rds of the way up that appears to be almost undoable. You miss it, you usually fall to your death. The trick to it is to go to the "top" of the launchpad leaf, about the middle of that side, and jump to the lowest edge of the target slant leaf (which appears to be too distant) and do a mid-air turn as you get to the top of the target leaf. If you cannot make this work, it is usually easier to jump onto the stem supporting this particular leaf and jump up onto the pad from there.
    • Any teleportation skill, such as Blink or Lightning Flash will place you at the top of the leaf.
    • It is possible to do a fairly easy jump to the stem of the leaf, then jump to the leaf itself without risking death
  • As a result of this having a long section where any error in jumping means a death-fall, it's a rather good idea to have a friend able to help you by reviving you.
  • For the heavily slanted leaf, you CAN jump to its stem, then jump up from the stem over the "back" side of the leaf and onto the leaf itself. It is much, much easier to do it this way.