Dark Reverie

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Dark Reverie

Dark Reverie map.jpg
Map of Dark Reverie


Dreamdark Enclave.jpg

Dark Reverie

Dark Reverie is a complex jumping puzzle located in the south-eastern part of Caledon Forest.

Getting there[edit]

Either complete the Morgan's Leap jumping puzzle, then continue to the north and west across some floating rocks to enter the Dreamdark Enclave or go through the entrance on the ground level to the southeast (if another player from the inside has opened it).


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Related achievements[edit]


  • There are 2 entrances to this area, the Morgan's Leap jumping puzzle, or a door at ground level, on the east side. The door, however, can only be opened from the inside.
  • It might be easier to jump on the stem of slanted leaves, then to the leaf, rather than directly jumping to the actual leaf itself.
  • Because of how one simple mistake can make players jump to their death, it might be a good idea to go together with another player, so players are capable of reviving each other, or keeping the aforementioned door opened so they can revive at the nearby waypoint and return to this area without having to complete the Morgan's Leap jumping puzzle.
  • The Prototype Position Rewinder device can also be a great help; it can save you if activate Rewind when falling.
  • Spirit of the Tiger (achievement) Den #2 is down and to the east of the chest.