Calx's Hideout

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Calx's Hideout

Calx's Hideout map.jpg
Map of Calx's Hideout

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Metrica Province
(Maguuma Jungle)
Connects to
Sunshade Caves (N)
Jeztar Falls (W)

Calx's Hideout.jpg

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Calx's Hideout is the ancient abandoned lab of Parnna's ancestor, Calx. It has been overrun by destroyers and other fiery creatures, although equipment and several golems are still intact. The hidden lab is reached by traveling through Parnna's Gate in the southeast corner of the Akk Wilds.

Parnna will open the gate after the success of either Stop skritt foragers from destroying the asura gate or Help Parnna get her matrix crystal converter back from the skritt leader Tu'scratchtak events. She will then travel through the gate, and players who follow her will get the events that occur inside Calx's Hideout. Players who stay at Parnna's Gate will see no indication that events are going on beyond the gate, aside from Assistant Keebikk running around and asking them to follow Parnna through the gate.

Once the Hideout events are successful, several extremely powerful Obsidian Destroyer Trolls will spawn. It is not advised to attempt to fight them.

Locations and objectives[edit]





Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Copper Ore


  • If the arrival of the powerful destroyers in Calx's Hideout is survived, after Parnna leaves, the area will eventually fade its colors out to a mix of black and red and you will be sent back to Parnna's Gate.
  • It's possible to uncover this area by using Springer or Skyscale mount by jumping/flying through a tunnel in Sunshade Caves, above the makeshift bridge, bypassing the need to open the gate through events.[verification requested]