Mistwrought Vault

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Mistwrought Vault

Mistwrought Vault map.jpg
Map of Mistwrought Vault


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There's rumor of a treasure vault hidden somewhere in this area. Those wo have found it say that you'll need a key to gain access to its treasure. Be sure not to lose your keeps and towers while seeking these riches.

  • Can you find the keys that unlock the vault and claim the treasure inside?


The Mistwrought Vault is a collective term for the Emerald Sanctum or Sapphire Sanctum jumping puzzles. There are two identical versions of the jumping puzzle, corresponding to each of two Alpine Borderlands. There is no equivalent on the Desert Borderlands map. The Emerald Sanctum is in the Green Borderlands and the Sapphire Sanctum in the Blue Borderlands.

Getting there[edit]

Directly west of the defenders citadel, south of the hero challenge, and next to the lake, are two tunnels. Head into the south one and take a left (or right if going southbound) at the first opportunity.

Don't jump into the water but take the path up by making a right. Before going into the water, there is a series of rocks on your right to jump up until you reach the top ledge. From the end of the ledge, jump down to the green area behind the large waterfall on your left with the icicles at the top.


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Related achievements[edit]


  • The parts of the key are shared for all three borderlands, making it possible to retrieve key parts on one borderland and open the chest in one of the others. It may be easier to collect the key parts on your own borderlands to use on the other two. However, you cannot collect a key part more than once per day on any one borderlands.
  • You need the key parts to unlock the door and chest. While a person with both key parts can open the door for players without, each player requires both key parts to open the chest for themselves.
    • If someone opens the vault for you, you can open the chest, but you will not receive the achievement for having done the jump puzzle, and if you do the jump puzzle before the chest resets; i.e. right away. You will be unable to complete the achievement until the chest resets for you.
  • There is a hidden room behind a wall of vines near a big root in the beginning of the jumping puzzle. The room contains the Blue Catmander, a box for the Perfect Fit achievement, and a kid swinging on a tree.