Weyandt's Revenge

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Weyandt's Revenge

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Map of Weyandt's Revenge


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Weyandt's Revenge is a jumping puzzle in the Sharkmaw Caverns located southeast of Lion's Arch. No enemies are encountered while doing this puzzle. The puzzle consists of following the disembodied voice of the ghost pirate Captain Weyandt through a series of jumps and traps in order to find his hidden treasure. First Mate Shane will offer level 40 rare pirate-themed weapons for 9,800 Karma.

Getting there[edit]

The entrance to the puzzle is near the vista. Start at the Waypoint (map icon).png Farshore Waypoint in the Farshore Ward and head to the vista as you normally would. Head behind Tokk's Mill and jump up the hay bales. Jump down to the lower area where some hay bales are located then head through the partially obscured hole in the wall on the right side. Head up the hill and follow the passageway to another open area. There will be some rock steps on the left side to jump up. Loop around to the right side and head up another set of rocks. You will now be at the vista. The ominous stone mouth behind the vista serves as the start of the puzzle.


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  • If you enter the mouth of the puzzle at a bad angle, you will be killed on the rocks on the way down.
  • Other tips for completion are listed above, in the spoiler section.