Weyandt's Revenge

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Weyandt's Revenge

Weyandt's Revenge map.jpg
Map of Weyandt's Revenge

Weyandt's Revenge.jpg
Weyandt's Revenge

Weyandt's Revenge is a jumping puzzle in Sharkmaw Caverns located southeast of Lion's Arch. No enemies are encountered while doing this puzzle. The puzzle consists of following the disembodied voice of the ghost pirate Captain Weyandt through a series of jumps and traps in order to find his hidden treasure. First Mate Shane will offer level 40 rare pirate-themed weapons for 9,800 Karma.png.

Getting there[edit]

The entrance to the puzzle is near the vista. Start at Farshore Ward Waypoint in Farshore Ward and head to the vista as you normally would. Head behind Tokk's Mill and jump up the hay bales. Jump down to the lower area where some hay bales are located then head through the partially obscured hole in the wall on the right side. Head up the hill and follow the passageway to another open area. There will be some rock steps on the left side to jump up. Loop around to the right side and head up another set of rocks. You will now be at the vista. The ominous stone mouth behind the vista serves as the start of the puzzle.


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  • If you enter the mouth of the puzzle at a bad angle, you will be killed on the rocks on the way down.
  • Other tips for completion are listed above, in the spoiler section.


When you arrive at the vista, Captain Weyandt greets you:

Captain Weyandt: Think ye have the cunning and strength to get through me traps? Do so, and ye can have a share of me plunder.
Captain Weyandt: (laugh)

When you jump down:

Captain Weyandt: Behold, the most vicious and cunning predator of the seas--me pet shark, Chompy! Get 'em, boy! Go for the feet! (laugh)
Captain Weyandt: Few have escaped Chompy's vicious maw. The last one to do that was me first mate, a lad by the name of Shane.

Following the orb:

Captain Weyandt: This way, if ye want to escape with all yer fingers and toes!
Captain Weyandt: Aaand-oh. This ain't right! This ain't the way at all.
Captain Weyandt: So remember this dead end, for soon YE may be dead...and at yer end...er--or something.
Captain Weyandt: Let's see now...12 paces north...because I've been married 12 times... Wait, wait, uh, does Bess count? I don't know about that. She was a little on the flimsy side. Kind of a--kind of a wispy girl.
Captain Weyandt: Eight paces west, because Chompy nearly ate me when I first tamed 'im. Are ye laughing?
Captain Weyandt: Are yer legs tired yet? Ya big baby...
Captain Weyandt: Oh, look! It's me first mate Shane. Say hi, Shane! Ah, don't mind him. He's just the quiet sort. You know...a thinker.
Captain Weyandt: Now, we go left here because ol' Shane had 6 toes on his left foot. Or was it 6 fingers on his right hand? Okay, right it is!
Captain Weyandt: Must have been 6 left toes on me first mate. That means we go this way!
Captain Weyandt: Oh, yer still with me, eh? Not bad, buttercup. Perhaps ye are worthy o' sharing in me spoils! But not me rum! (laugh) (cough)

At the trap-filled corridor:

Captain Weyandt: To survive this path, you must follow me directions exactly! Now...slowly inch forward...and... (snore)
Captain Weyandt: Oh! Uh, uh--w-what? Hug the left wall. Good, good.
Captain Weyandt: Now, jump! (laugh) Betcha didn't see that one coming, eh? (laugh)
Captain Weyandt: Tread carfully in this chamber, lest ye meet a gruesome- Aha! Right through the gizzard! Remember me to Grenth. (laugh)
Captain Weyandt: And...roll forward, now! Wait, where are ye? Oh. Oh, I see. Yer through. I knew ye could make it on yer own!

At the dark room:

Captain Weyandt: Yer survival is subject to me whim! Let's see you outsmart the captain.
Captain Weyandt: (laugh)
Captain Weyandt: Did ye run aground? Oh, all right. No need to get yer eyepatch in a twist. Let there be light! (laugh)
Captain Weyandt: A good captain can sail in the blackest of nights.
Captain Weyandt: How about a little moonlight for navigation?

If you pick up a torch:

Captain Weyandt: Hey! That's cheating! (chuckle) Yer pirate is showing.

At the end waterfalls:

Captain Weyandt: Ye've come to the final test: Dead Man's Drop! Before I trust ye to share me plunder, ye will have to trust me. Two of these holes lead to instant death, and one will bring ye to me treasure. But how will ye choose? Just remember where ye are, and that will be yer answer.

If you choose the wrong one:

Captain Weyandt: (laugh)
Captain Weyandt: (laugh) I thought ye was smarter than that! I like yer grumption, though. Try again.

If you choose the right one and talk to Captain Weyandt:

Captain Weyandt: Ye may have found me treasure, but ye'll never escape this chamber to spend it! (laugh) Hope ye brought a deck o' cards. Starvation takes a while. (laugh)

When you find the exit:

Captain Weyandt: How d'ye escape me clutches? Yer one slippery eel, I'll give ye that!
Captain Weyandt: Ah, ye weren't me type anyway! Not like me Connie. Well, she weren't exactly me type either, not like me Trista. Now that one could cook, but then she'd go sharin' her biscuits all around town while I was at sea. There was me Heather. Poor, sweet Heather. Blown overboard in that storm... (wind) (thunder) "Help me...help me...please help me...help me...glub glub..."