Verarium Delves (jumping puzzle)

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Verarium Delves


Verarium Delves (jumping puzzle).jpg

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Verarium Delves Getting There.jpg

The route from Ocean's Gullet Waypoint to the jumping puzzle.

Verarium Delves is a jumping puzzle within Sparkfly Fen. This short puzzle features some climbing and a few jumps.

Getting there[edit]

From Waypoint (map icon).png Ocean's Gullet Waypoint, head northwest into the cave just north of Point of interest (map icon).png Nicantl Grounds. Follow the cave west, past some Cave Spiders, to the Hero point.pngVeteran Hylek Chief. At the hero challenge, turn south and follow the cave past some Vampire Bats, where it emerges into an open plateau with a stream running northeast along its south edge.

Staying close to the western cliffs, head south towards the stream, looking for some grassy stone pillars just below the waterfall. Jump across them, entering another cave on the far side. Follow it south and then west, past more Vampire Bats, until you emerge just north of Vista (map icon).png Orvanic Cliffs Vista. Jump across a gap to the next flat rock south of you, with a Tropical Bird on it. Drop down to the ledge where the vista is, then head west again, dropping off the vista ledge. Keep heading west into the green foliage there, which conceals the cave entrance.





  • Between the launch of the Path of Fire expansion (on September 22, 2017 [verification requested])[1], and the January 23, 2018 game update, access to this jumping puzzle was blocked by an invisible wall. The reason for this is not known.
  • The ruins here resemble many other ruins found in the northern half of Sparkfly Fen. Most notably, the Mesoamerican-inspired tiles found in Verarium Delves are identical to ones decorating the Saltflood Mire ruins.
    • They also match the tiles found atop the entrance to Forsaken Fortune, as well as throughout that mini-dungeon. Given that Forsaken Fortune is known to be a dwarven ruin, that may imply a similar origin for these ruins.