Wall Breach Blitz

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Wall Breach Blitz

Wall Breach Blitz map.jpg
Map of Wall Breach Blitz

The Breached Wall.jpg
Wall Breach Blitz

Wall Breach Blitz is a jumping puzzle to the west of the Breached Wall in Diessa Plateau.

Getting there[edit]

The wall itself is in in the middle of the southern edge of the map (near the Waypoint (map icon).png Breached Wall Waypointloading…). To get to the puzzle you need to go the far western side of the wall (see map). There is a wooden scaffolding at the wall. To the left of it, stairs are going up. That is where you want to go.


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Related achievements[edit]


Unlike most Jumping Puzzles, this one ends with a Hero challenge instead of a chest.
  • There are several letters you can find on your way as a hint that you are on the right track. The letters also contain some hints.
  • Unlike most jumping puzzles, doesn't count towards a Daily Event Completer achievement.