Golemagical Institute

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Golemagical Institute

Golemagical Institute map.jpg
Map of Golemagical Institute

Golemagical Institute locator.svg
Location within Metrica Province

Metrica Province
(Maguuma Jungle)
Connects to
The Hinterlabs (NE)
Wildflame Caverns (NW)

Golemagical Institute.jpg
Golemagical Institute

The Golemagical Institute is an area within Metrica Province. The shattered remains of the Prototype X golem lie in the center of the facility with nearby researchers carefully examining it. Several holographic golems can be seen from either side of the room.

Getting there[edit]

Go southwest from the Incinergen Labs and enter the asura gate set up against the rock wall.

Locations and objectives[edit]




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Researcher (1): I innovated the appropriate proportioning between locomotoration and inertial integrity.
Researcher (2): Shh. Not in front of the uninitiated. Wait until we arrive at the lab.
Researcher (1): I heard your experiment was successful. How'd you do it?
Researcher (2): Can't talk. We're entering phase two now.
Researcher (1): The big, secret meeting is tomorrow morning. Spread the word.
Researcher (2): Consider it spread.
Researcher (1): Hey! Sorry about your disappointment yesterday, buddy.
Researcher (2): Thanks for reminding me. Skritt-kisser.
Researcher (1): Golemancestry Project! All or none!
Researcher (2): All! We're on the verge of greatness!
Researcher (1): Prosecretory settings need adjustment. Run ahead and tell them in the lab.
Researcher (2): Right! Prosecretory settings.