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Wind through the Walls

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Wind through the Walls


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Wind through the Walls entrance.jpg

The entrance

Wind through the Walls is a jumping puzzle located in the northeastern edge of Old Kaineng. Except for the entrance to the puzzle, it is surrounded by invisible walls. Finding the entrance may be the first part of the puzzle.

Getting there[edit]

The entrance is about halfway east of the harbinger mentor, Yuryong, and west of Point of interest (map icon).png Jade Brotherhood Hideout in the northeastern corner of New Kaineng City.


  • Gliding and the Jade Bot Glide Booster are allowed, but mounts are not.
  • The Grand Jade Tech Chest at the end does not require a Jade Bot with energy charges to open, unlike normal Jade Tech Chests.
  • There are no checkpoints in this jumping puzzle. It can be completed by using Teleport to Friend when a party member is at the chest.
  • Four Celestial Plaques can be found and read during the jumping puzzle. No achievement is associated with them.


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Related achievements[edit]


  • As of the February 28th, 2023 update, the end reward chest is limited to once per account per day.