Loreclaw Expanse (jumping puzzle)

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Loreclaw Expanse

Loreclaw Expanse (jumping puzzle) map.jpg
Map of Loreclaw Expanse

Loreclaw Expanse (jumping puzzle).jpg
Loreclaw Expanse

The Loreclaw Expanse jumping puzzle is located in the southeast portion of the Plains of Ashford.

Getting there[edit]

The puzzle entrance is located southeast of Waypoint (map icon).png Loreclaw Waypoint in the Loreclaw Expanse. Scale the angular ridge to find it. An alternate path lies in the water, coming from the north of the jumping puzzle, and is hidden by seaweed.


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Related achievements[edit]

The rusty giant saw blades


  • If the chest is open when you reach the section with the journal, you will be unable to trigger the matriarch event that enables the pressure plate, which will prevent you from reaching the final spot. Wait a few minutes and the false chest will eventually reset and you'll be able to complete the puzzle as normal.
  • When the false chest resets and the crumbling wall reassembles itself, the room beyond (containing the final chest) becomes a falling rock trap.
  • This puzzle is easier to do with a friend since many of the traps within the puzzle can down a player instantly.
  • Invulnerability skills (such as Defy Pain) can be used to prevent trap damage.
  • Thieves and elementalists can skip the false chest room via usage of shadowsteps and Lightning Flash.
  • There is a journal, belonging to Haneri Jenos Sr., lying next to the first chest with the skeleton on top giving a clue to the pressure plate opening the second chest.
  • This puzzle may be bypassed using the Springer to jump directly up to the exit, south and slightly west of Researcher Irkz.
A weathered journal lies near the skeleton of what was possibly the last explorer to make it this far. The cover bears the name Haneri Jenos Sr.
Talk more option tango.png Examine the journal.
...the pitiful excuses for traps that are scattered throughout these ruins wouldn't trip up a blindfolded ettin. This appears to be the final chamber...
Talk more option tango.png Continue reading.
...pressure plate in the rafters that seems linked to opening this chest. Yet another pitiful attempt by the unimaginative trapmakers who rigged this cave to stop intruders, but it's no threat to me.
Talk end option tango.png Looks like you were wrong about that one, Haneri.
Talk end option tango.png That's all the information I need.


Selection of cups, and perhaps the Grail?
  1. The dead archeologist's name is quite similar to Henry Jones, Sr., the name of the titular character's father.
  2. His skeleton wears a fedora, the hat usually worn by Indiana Jones.
  3. In the passage to the final room with the chest, the player passes spiderwebs and there are two large saw blades against the wall, similar to the first trap shown in the movie.
  4. There is a selection of cups sitting on the stone table near the final Grand Chest
  5. A 'leap of faith' from a lions head/statue is present in both movie and puzzle.
  6. The room with the Grand Chest will collapse (also done in the movie), killing you, if you do not leave fast enough.
  7. Captain Ravenwood is a reference to Marion Ravenwood. One of her quotes is "You can't do this to me. I'm an Ascalonian" in reference to a quote by her in Raiders of the Lost Ark.