Loreclaw Expanse (jumping puzzle)

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Loreclaw Expanse

Loreclaw Expanse (jumping puzzle) map.jpg
Map of Loreclaw Expanse

Loreclaw Expanse (jumping puzzle).jpg
Loreclaw Expanse

The Loreclaw Expanse jumping puzzle is located in the southeast portion of the Plains of Ashford.

Getting there[edit]

The puzzle entrance is located southeast of
Waypoint (tango icon).png
 Loreclaw Waypoint in the Loreclaw Expanse. Scale the angular ridge to find it. An alternate path lies in the water, coming from the north of the jumping puzzle, and is hidden by seaweed.


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Related achievements[edit]

The rusty giant saw blades
  • Legendary Weapons (achievements).png Legendary Weapons: Chuka and Champawat I: Hunter's Journal"Under Bagred's tutelage, I now undertake my hunt. These pages will chronicle the greatness of my deed." (0Achievement pointsCompleted Hunter's JournalThis is a hidden achievement.)
  • Legendary Weapons (achievements).png Legendary Weapons: Sunrise III: DawnA shining light of a new day reveals all and banishes the darkness to the deeper haunts of Tyria. Use your crafted Illuminator to gather the light throughout the land in your journey to create the legendary precursor known as Dawn (3Achievement pointsChest of IlluminationThis is a hidden achievement.)


Selection of cups, and perhaps the Grail?
  1. The dead archeologist's name is quite similar to Henry Jones, Sr., the name of the titular character's father.
  2. His skeleton wears a fedora, the hat usually worn by Indiana Jones.
  3. In the passage to the final room with the chest, the player passes spiderwebs and there are two large saw blades against the wall, similar to the first trap shown in the movie.
  4. There is a selection of cups sitting on the stone table near the final Grand Chest
  5. A 'leap of faith' from a lions head/statue is present in both movie and puzzle.
  6. The room with the Grand Chest will collapse (also done in the movie), killing you, if you do not leave fast enough.
  7. Captain Ravenwood is a reference to Marion Ravenwood. One of her quotes is "You can't do this to me. I'm an Ascalonian" in reference to a quote by her in Raiders of the Lost Ark.