Morgan's Leap

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Morgan's Leap

Morgan's Leap map.jpg
Map of Morgan's Leap

Morgan's Leap.jpg
Morgan's Leap

Morgan's Leap is a jumping puzzle located at Morgan's Spiral in Caledon Forest which will complete the Morgan's Leap Jumping Puzzles achievement. Brugh's event must be completed and he must be present before you can begin this puzzle. The end location of this puzzle contains a Splendid Chest and is also the starting location of the Dark Reverie jumping puzzle.

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  • Just beyond is the only entrance into Dreamdark Enclave, an outpost of the Nightmare Court, and yet another jumping puzzle, Dark Reverie.
  • The moving platforms along the way are just scenery, no timed jumps are required.
  • Mounts are disabled during this jumping puzzle, but gliding is allowed.

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