Behem Gauntlet (jumping puzzle)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the jumping puzzle. For the area, see Behem Gauntlet.

Behem Gauntlet

Behem Gauntlet (jumping puzzle) map.jpg
Map of Behem Gauntlet


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Interactive map

Behem Gauntlet is a jumping puzzle located in the southeast portion of Blazeridge Steppes.

Getting there[edit]

The entrance to the puzzle is located in south-east Blazeridge Steppes due east of Waypoint (map icon).png Behem Waypoint. Just head east from the waypoint and fight your way through the spiders along the trail until you reach a cave at the end. The vista just south of there also points you to another entrance through the waterfall to its east, then via a short underwater tunnel, however, you will not be able to climb up to the chest from there.

Climb the rocks at the back of the cave and enter a second cave guarded by a Veteran Canyon Spider and several hatchlings.

Jump up the rocks to the right of the veteran spider, then jump across to the ledge on the other side and enter the large inner cave.


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