Shattered Ice Ruins

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Shattered Ice Ruins

Shattered Ice Ruins map.jpg
Map of Shattered Ice Ruins

Shattered Ice Ruins.jpg
Shattered Ice Ruins

Shattered Ice Ruins is a jumping puzzle in Shattered Ice Floe located southeast of Waypoint (map icon).png Ice Floe Waypointloading… in Frostgorge Sound.

Getting there[edit]

  • From the Waypoint (map icon).png Ice Floe Waypointloading… head east and jump into the water towards the iceberg. You are looking for a small hole going west into the iceberg, not far from the surface. Enter it and come up out of the water to begin the puzzle. Alternatively, you can also head east from the Ice Floe Waypoint, until you hit water, then dive down until you find the hole.


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