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Egg Bearer

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Egg Bearer

Egg Bearer.jpg
Egg Bearer

Getting There[edit]

The puzzle is located in the Inner Chamber of Tarir, so you must have completed City of Hope or you will be unable to get to the puzzle. Head to the far side of the room, past the egg, just beyond the
Adventure (map icon).png
Sanctum Scramble Adventure banner to a large tree. This is the start of the puzzle.


Use the series of mushroom pads, tree branches and architecture to continuously climb upwards in a spiral around the room until you reach the top to find the chest. There are no overly tricky jumps or obstacles making this puzzle long, but fairly simple.



Egg Bearer Auric Basin (achievements) 5Achievement points
Complete the jumping puzzle.Get to the top of the inner chamber in Tarir. Puzzle Achievement 5Achievement points


  • The path of the jumping puzzle is the same as Sanctum Scramble so it is entirely possible to use the adventure's skills to complete the puzzle.