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Trials of the Tengu

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Trials of the Tengu


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Trials of the Tengu is a jumping puzzle covering the Jaya Bluffs area of Seitung Province.

Getting there[edit]

Head east from Waypoint (map icon).png Monastery Waypoint or Northwest from Waypoint (map icon).png Village Waypoint, then north to the Point of interest (map icon).png Shrine of Reverence.

  • The trial is located to the west of the POI. On top of a platform you will find the Tengu NPC called Groundskeeper Tora, take the torch from the fire to start the trial.


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  • The end point is above Sensali Shrine.
  • The path is a series of planks and ropes.
  • Using a mount will extinguish the torch.
  • Gliding is required for some sections.
  • The gliding skill unlocked by the Gliding Booster mastery does not extinguish the torch and trivializes this jumping puzzle.
  • Along the route a series of Braziers can be lit. Once lit, you can return to that brazier using a mount. From there you are able to pick up a torch and continue the route.
  • All braziers must be lit (in any order) to open the chest and obtain the achievement. There are five braziers in total, including the one at the final chest. The effect Victory Glow.png Trials Bonfire Lit shows how many bonfires have been lit.
Torch skills
# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Hare's Speed.png Rush 15 You move faster!

The torch also grants Blish's Fire Resistance.png Tengu Trials Torchlight.


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