The Hinterlabs

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The Hinterlabs

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The Hinterlabs map.jpg
Map of The Hinterlabs

The Hinterlabs locator.svg
Location within Metrica Province

The Hinterlabs.jpg
The Hinterlabs

The Hinterlabs is an area in Metrica Province. Many asura krewes from Rata Sum hold their labs here.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
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Assist Professor Gahf in teaching his young progeny (2)
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Support Doola's golemancing research (2)
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Assist the Opticalium with lightning research (3)
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Hydrone Unit Waypoint —
Points of Interest
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Aeronotics Lab
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Battleground Plaza
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Incinergen Labs
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Splorge Metamystics Lab
Point of interest.png
The Opticalium
Incinergen Labs Vista —
Climb the rock on the north face of the building.
Jump to the flat portion of the building just beyond the pillar.
Jump onto slope of the opening to the building then climb the two small steps to the platform the vista is on.
Splorge Metamystics Vista —
On either side of the southwest face of the building are floating stairs. Use these to climb to the vista.
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Hydrone Unit
Event boss (tango icon).png
Defeat the marsh drake broodmother Professor Hamm had claimed to have tamed (2)
Event boss (tango icon).png
Defeat the rampaging dolyak holo-projection (2)
Event shield (tango icon).png
Defend AER-0000 from Inquest as it gathers energy from Storm Cloud Generators (2)
Event shield (tango icon).png
Defend the RCK-7550 golem as it stores energy (2)
Event shield (tango icon).png
Defend the etheropods and defeat breeze riders for Bluz (2)
Event star (tango icon).png
Help Keela unmask the cheats trying to gather data at the chess tables before they escape (2)
Event boss (tango icon).png
M.E.T.A. golem to the rescue! Help him defeat the WST-8100 golem (2)
Event boss (tango icon).png
Slay the King Hermit Crab that escaped from Splorg Metamystics (2)
Event swords (tango icon).png
Use aquabody suits to extinguish fires with firesnuff spray (2)
Event star (tango icon).png
Use sizemachangers to shrink yourself and defeat the mosquitoes tormenting tiny progeny (2)
Event fist (tango icon).png
Weaken the unruly transformed progeny to return them to normal (2)
Event boss (tango icon).png
Defeat the air elemental assaulting the Opticalium krewe (3)
Event flag (tango icon).png
Drive off the Inquest invading the Opticalium lab (3)
Event shield (tango icon).png
Protect Grinti's golems while they research the southern hylek compound (3)
Event flag (tango icon).png
Retake Opticalium's lab from the Inquest (3)
Event star (tango icon).png
Stop the Inquest thief from escaping with Opticalium research (4)





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Aeronotics Fan (2)
Renown Heart (map icon).png
Calcutician Doola
Merchant (map icon).png
Dok (3)
Merchant (map icon).png
Hydrone Fan (2)
Merchant (map icon).png
Incinergen Fan (2)
Merchant (map icon).png
Opticalium Leader Zebb (3)
Renown Heart (map icon).png
Opticalium Researcher Oisha
Renown Heart (map icon).png
Professor Gahf
Merchant (map icon).png
Terranexic Fan (2)
The krewe Fan merchants will only show up when the krewe they represent wins the Golem battle.


Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Lab Assistant: The Inquest is part of our society, but does that mean we have to get along or approve of their methods?
Opticalium Leader Zebb: Eh, we have to be "polite" to the Inquest in the halls of Soren Draa, but out here, we can express our true feelings. Get me?
Krewe Apprentice (1): Lately our forays into the marsh draw dangerous attention from krait and hylek alike.
Krewe Apprentice (2): Unacceptable! We're here to study the magiphysical properties of water, not to perfect methods of aquatic pest control.
Krewe Apprentice: I double-checked your settings on the currentificator, and I have to tell you, they're wrong.
Krewe Assistant: You're wrong. I checked them myself. Did you remember to take the cortex variant into consideration?
Krewe Apprentice: The cortex variant and the peripheral destabilization quotient. Did you remember to factor in the quotient?
Krewe Assistant: I'd better go check on our colleague. He's been preoccupied lately.
Krewe Researcher: I'll go. You wait here. You don't need any more sweet rose bread from the canteen. You're chubby enough as it is.
Krewe Assistant: How'd you know?
Krewe Assistant: I swear, I heard him say, "If lightning went against fire, which would win?" The discussion then lasted an hour.
Krewe Researcher: How ridiculous.
Krewe Assistant: That's what I thought. It's immediately obvious to anyone with a brain that lightning would extinguish fire.
Krewe Apprentice: No, no! An experiment is only a failure if you learn nothing from it.
Krewe Researcher: But this experiment yielded no results at all. The project design was flawed from the outset.
Krewe Apprentice: Then go back to the outset. Eliminate the flaws, and what remains, however unwieldy, will function.
Krewe Researcher: But it will not be the same experiment, and cannot yield the intended results.
Krewe Apprentice: And thus, we learn something new.
Krewe Researcher: I grow weary of this constant one-upsmanship between us and the other labs.
Krewe Apprentice: I agree. The way we squabble amongst ourselves, you'd think we were hylek.
Krewe Apprentice (1): I have an advanced degree in applied thaumaturgical toxicity. Why should I choose Hydrone over other labs?
Krewe Apprentice (2): There are no others. Incinergen deals in guesswork; the Opticalium are just too critical.
Krewe Researcher: If unrepeatable experiments and unvarnished plagiarism are what you're after, ours may not be the lab for you.
Krewe Researcher (1): I wish to requisition more students from the College of Synergetics for the krewe.
Krewe Researcher (2): What seems to be the problem?
Krewe Researcher (1): We need someone conversant in theosophical flux capacitors. Our devices function, but not for long.
Krewe Apprentice (1): Enough of such talk. A Hydrone Unit krewe is no place for Incinergen dogma.
Krewe Apprentice (2): Incinergen versus Hydrone mirrors fire versus water. Will the flames die, or will the water boil away?
Krewe Apprentice (1): The flames will die.
Krewe Apprentice (2): Ah, but how can you predict the outcome between equally matched opposites?
Krewe Apprentice (1): Our hypotheses are more profound and our results more valuable. We shall prevail.
At the Battleground Plaza
When preparations begin
One of the following:
Announcer: Who will prove to be the strongest and most clever Krewe? Hydrone or Aeronotics?
Announcer: Who will prove to be the strongest and most clever Krewe? Hydrone or Terranexic?
Announcer: Who will prove to be the strongest and most clever Krewe? Incinergen or Hydrone?
Announcer: Who will prove to be the strongest and most clever Krewe? Incinergen or Terranexic?
One of the following:
Announcer: Golem versus golem, toe-to-toe, magicrystal-to-magicrystal in the battle arena!
Announcer: Golem versus golem, one on one in the battle arena! Which lab has the smartest golemancers? Come find out!
One of the following:
Announcer: Witness the spectacle as sparks and shards of metal fill the air!
Anncouncer Make sure you're present when the sparks fly!
Announcer: Cheer on your favorite lab! Root for your golemancer idols! Let that special golem detect the love!
During preparations
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Hinterlabs Plaza. We're gearing up for a golem battle you'll never forget!
Spectator (1): Huh-huh-ho! Bring on the golems!
Spectator: I've seen Hydrone's blueprints. Puerile. If you got their entire krewe working together, they couldn't figure out how to toast bread.
Spectator: Incinergen only win if they cheat!
Spectator: If I know Incinergen craftsmanship, their golem's probably going to run into a wall and self-destruct. Let me guess: It's a feature?
Announcer: Geniusi and geniusettes, the time approaches. I want to hear you make some noise!
Spectator (1): Wooo! Yeah!
Spectator (2): Hey! You married, cutie? Wooo! Yeah!
Announcer: (laugh) That's it! Get rowdy! The golems will be here shortly.
Announcer: Hurry, hurry, hurry! The next golem-versus-golem battle of the century is about to begin!
Announcer: Thrill as Aeronotics and Incinergen clash in a display of mind-bending mechanical pugilism!
Spectator: I don't know why Hydrone bothers. They only make maxibungles of themselves.
Spectator (1): If I were to bet money—and I'm not saying that I am—I'd lay it all on Hydrone. Their golems are clearly superior.
Spectator (2): I bet you ten labor-hours that you're wrong.
Spectator (1): No bet.
Announcer: I just received word that the golems are being prepared even as I speak. Are we having fun?
One of the following:
Spectator (1): Yeah! Hydrone Unit is number one!
Spectator (2): Yeah! Terranexic is number one!
Announcer: Make it louder. Let those golems detect your enthusiasm with their aural receptors.
One of the following:
Spectator (3): Incinergen! Incinergen!
Spectator (4): Terranexic! Terranexic!
When a battle begins
Announcer: It appears both labs have completed their golem weaponry!
Announcer: Attention, battle lovers! You're in for quite a show. These prototype golem cannons are amazing.
One of the following:
Announcer: The time has come to decide who the smarter krewe is! Will it be Aeronotics? Or Hydrone?
Announcer: The time has come to decide who the smarter krewe is! Will it be Incinergen? Or Hydrone?
Announcer: The time has come to decide who the smarter krewe is! Will it be Incinergen? Or Terranexic?
Announcer: The time has come to decide who the smarter krewe is! Will it be Terranexic? Or Hydrone?
Announcer: I'm not expecting a fair fight, gentlemen, so don't disappoint me.
During a battle
Announcer: What a dandy display of mechanical maneuverability!
Announcer: This is shaping up to be a fight for the ages!
Announcer: This is going to get ugly, folks!
Announcer: Don't blink! Or you'll regret it for the rest of your days.
Announcer: Look at those metal marvels go!
Announcer: This is going to be a close one!
Announcer: What an awesome display of magicrystal-powered fury!
Announcer: Both krewes have clearly given the mathmatically
impossible one hundred and ten percent for this fight.
When battles end
One of the following:
Announcer: And it looks like the Incinergen golem is down!
Announcer: And it looks like the Hydrone Golem is down!
Announcer: And it looks like the Aeronotics golem is down!
One of the following:
Announcer: Incinergen Labs is the victor! There's no doubt that they possess superior intellect!
Announcer: Terranexic is the victor! There's no doubt today that they possess superior intellect!
Announcer: That settles it! Hydrone Unit is the victor. There's no doubt which krewe has the best golemancers.
One of the following:
Announcer: But it's not over, folks. With a little more research, perhaps Incinergen Labs can redeem themselves.
Announcer: But it's not over, folks. With a little more research, perhaps Hydrone Unit can redeem themselves.
Announcer: But it won't end here. I'm sure Aeronotics will learn from this defeat and be back stronger than ever.
One of the following:
Announcer: Come back next time to see if they've got what it takes!
Announcer: Tune in next time to see if they've got what it takes!
Chott: You are a mega-machine, KA-1080. You did me proud.
Incinergen KA-1080: Words—of—praise—recognized—and—acknowledged.
Spectator (1): In all the time I've been going to the arena, I've never seen anything like it.
Spectator (2): I know! Did you see the look on that worker's face when Hydrone's golem fell into pieces? (laugh)
Spectator (1): Wham! Bam! Zap! Kapowee! Ha! That's all it took to put down the Hydrone golem.
Spectator (2): It dropped like an undercharged tractocopter. (laugh)
Announcer: It's going to be a rematch you won't want to miss!
Announcer: These golems didn't come to play—they came to do major structural damage.
Announcer: The repair krewes at Hydrone and Aeronics will be busy tonight.
After announcer/spectators' musings
Chott: Our victory was no mistake. It would be nice to stay and celebrate, but we must prepare for the next battle.
Iida: You performed well, RCK-7550!
Iida: RCK-7550 performed as expected
Reni: Hydrone's golem flopped like a fish out of water!
Reni: Incinergen's fire has been put out!
Rukka: This is unacceptable! I refuse to accept this loss. Our golem will prevail in the next battle. Wait for it!
Rukka: There's proof that Hydrone Unit produces the finest water-based golems in existence. I foresee us winning again. Begin preparations for the next battle.
At the Hydrone Unit
DEL-X99: (BEEP) Target–located. Stand–by–for–message.
Krewe Member Tama: Who dares to disturb me at work?
DEL-X99: Dear–Tama. Can–you–imagine–how–it–feels–to–work–with–a–lesser–genius–like–you? Of–course–you–can't.
DEL-X99: The–Spectragon–is–the–last–inspiration–of–mine–you–will–ever–steal. May–you–choke–on–it. Sincerely–Hama
Krewe Member Tama: Classic Hama. But now I will have no competitors in my development of the Spectragon.
DEL-X99: (BEEP) Target–located. Stand–by–for–message.
Krewe Member Happ: Hmph. Just spit it out.
DEL-X99: That–jackal. How–dare–he–impugn–me–with–lies. I–should–throttle–him. DEL-X99–returns–regards.
DEL-X99: Message–addendum: Happ, you–scoundrel! Why–would–I–steal–your–waste–of–good–metal–destrosphere?
DEL-X99: Your–invention–was–a–colossal–failure–and–your–delivery–golem–is–annoying. Let–it–go. Sincerely, Swip
DEL-X99: Ouch.
Bloxx: The vibrations, as you well know, work on the phalanges of the breeze riders' tentacles.
Makki: The sound waves, you mean, hit the tympanic membrane of the breeze riders' inner cortex.
Bloxx: MY mentor performed extensive research while I was her number one. She taught me everything she knew.
Makki: Haha, you buffoon. She taught you only what you could handle, which is a tiny fraction of what she taught me.
Bloxx: The etheropod emits a vibration undetected by most creatures. Breeze riders, however, not only sense it, they're attracted to it.
Makki: On the contrary. The etheropod emits a sound wave that tickles receptors in breeze rider aural cones.
Makki: I am the true expert on etheropods. My mentor invented them, after all. She passed her knowledge down to me, directly–not to him.
Bloxx: Etheropod. E.T.H.E.R.O.P.O.D. One of the most advanced devices in existence, and I'm the sole living expert on how it works.
At the Incinergen Labs
DEL-X99: (BEEP) Target–located. Stand–by–for–message.
Krewe Member Fha: Ugh. What is it now?
DEL-X99: Fha, my–apologies–for–any–trauma–I–may–have–caused–you. My–cloth–of–invisibility–still–needs–work.
DEL-X99: But–I–am–certain–it–could–be–perfected–with–your–further–input. Perhaps–over–dinner. Yours–in–science, Eink.
Krewe Member Fha: Incorrigible!
DEL-X99: (whistle)
DEL-X99: (BEEP) Target–located. Stand–by–for–message.
Krewe Member Kitt: Ahhn. Just as I was about to step into the shower.
DEL-X99: Kitt, Did–you–catch–the–golem–battle–last–night? My–statistical–analysis–said–Incinergen–golem–could–not–lose.
DEL-X99: If–you–could–use–any–extra–lab–help–this–week, I–would–promise–to–give–up–gambling. Your–friend, Senn.
Krewe Member Kitt: Bah! Statistics!
Krewe Apprentice: You again! You devious little microbrat. Get out of our lab!
Progeny: Can't I just watch?
Krewe Apprentice: You're not old enough to intern. Out, out, out!
Krewe Researcher (1): What does the red one do?
Krewe Researcher (2): I honestly don't know.
Krewe Researcher (1): Okay, what does the green one do?
Krewe Researcher (2): Not a clue.
Krewe Researcher (1): Okay, what does the blue one do?
Krewe Researcher (2): No! Whatever you do, Do not under any circumstances touch the blue one!
Krewe Researcher (1): Okay, what does the gray one do?
Krewe Researcher (2): No idea.
At the Splorge Metamystics Lab
DEL-X99: (BEEP) Target–located. Stand–by–for–message.
Krewe Member Senn: Yes?
DEL-X99: Dear–Senn, I–fear–I–have–no–need–of–extra–help–this–week. I–had–some–last–night, but–was–told–you–were–out.
DEL-X99: On–the–upside, this–should–free–you–up–to–pursue–your–first–passion–at–Battleground–Plaza. Kitt.
Krewe Member Senn: My "first passion"? Of course! I would make a brilliant golemancer!
Progeny (1): Hey, Yotta, your mama's IQ is so low, she thinks norn cows go "moot."
Progeny (2): Oh, yeah? Your mama's IQ is so low, she thinks "crafting" is something you do on the "criver."
Progeny (1): Well, your mama's IQ is so low, she thinks sylvari and golems are precious metals.
Progeny (2): Your mama's IQ is so low, she thinks Blood Legion is something you should see a doctor about.
Progeny (1): Your mama's IQ is so low, she thinks "elemental" is four letters in the middle of the alphabet.
Progeny (2): Your mama's IQ is so low, she thinks a golemancer is what you get when you ask a golemquestion.
Progeny (1): No, but seriously...your mom is really smart.
Progeny (2): Yeah, yours too.
Rubi: Yes... final attunement. Ah-ha! Now, golem, show the world the vastness of my genius!
EAC-001: (BEEP) I—am—a (BEEP) golem. (beep)
Rubi: It works! My vision has been made whole!
Rubi: Golem, you are the final piece in the puzzle that is my plan for total domination of...the Hinterlabs!
Rubi: Golem. I demand that you use your invisibility cloak to spy on my competitors! I must now everything about them, their plans, and their growing paranoia.
EAC-001: Commencing—directive.
EAC-001: Activating—flame—attack.
Rubi: Wait...WHAT?
Rubi: Golem. My enemies conspire against me, I know it! I can hear them laughing and making faces behind my back. Go and discreetly bring me back details of their plans.
EAC-001: Command—received. Spooling. Spooling. Spooling. Surveillance—directive—commencing.
Rubi: Golem! You have returned. What news have you?
EAC-001: Veeki—expresses—belief—that—Aeronotics—golem—will—be—victorious—over—Hydrone—golem—in—next—contest.
EAC-001: Keii—voices—a—certainty—that—Hydrone—golem—will—be—defeated—by—Incinergen—golem.
Rubi: This information is of no value to me! I can't subvert their plans with trivia!
Rubi: Golem. Deliver this TOP SECRET device I've been working on to Finkt. He may curse and he may scowl, but he will have no choice but to acknowledge my brilliance.
EAC-001: Initiating—directive.
EAC-001: (BEEP) Love—letters—delivered—as—directed.
Rubi: You did what? Those were not in the package!
EAC-001: (BEEP) Message—reply—commencing.
EAC-001: Rubi. Have—I—ever—told—you—that—I—find—you—to—be—irredeemably—nefarious—and—diabolical? Your—iniquitous—mind—is—a—beautiful—thing. We—must—collaborate—at—your—earliest—convenience.
Rubi: How could you deliver the wrong...? Wait, he thinks my mind is a beautiful thing?
Rubi: Golem. Tap into the central matrix and bring me everything you can find on my competitors. I must monitor their progress.
EAC-001: Commencing—matrix—tap.
EAC-001: Operation—complete. Archiving—data—in—matrix—crystal.
Rubi: You fool! worked? I'm a genius! Nice work, my magical mechanical minion!
EAC-001: Error—error—error. System—parameters—inconsistent. Data—corruption. System—shutting—down.
Rubi: What? Noooo!
Ruum: Do you have a recruiter? I'm the best around. Sign with me, and I'll place you in a top-of-the-line krewe.
Pupil: I'm trying to decide. I have a contact in Hydrone Unit. That's a fine krewe. I may not need a recruiter.
Ruum: Oh, no no no. You're going about it all wrong and cheating yourself of many possibilities.
Ruum: Don't disrespect the Eternal Alchemy by choosing the first krewe that smiles at you. Let me show you what could be.
Ruum: I've been looking for you. I have an offer for you. The Opticalium krewe is looking for someone with just your skill set.
Pupil: The Opticalium? I want to work at Incinergen Labs when I graduate.
Ruum: They have no openings at this time, but I'll keep my ears perked. In the meantime, allow me to tell you more about the Opticalium.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes