Under New Management

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Under New Management

Under New Management map.jpg
Map of Under New Management

Under New Management.jpg
Under New Management

Under New Management is a short jumping puzzle on Pearl Islet.

Getting there[edit]

Travel to
Waypoint (tango icon).png
Pearl Islet Waypoint — on Pearl Islet in the southeast portion of Southsun Cove. The beginning of the jumping puzzle is a set of wooden boards just to the right of the entrance of the tower, when you are on the stairs.


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  • When at the top looking down to the east you can see a ship with a chest guarded by an Elite Reef Skelk.
  • The initial release of The Lost Shores included a shortcut that allowed you to jump onto some barrels and reach the rafters easily from a broken pillar; the barrels were removed shortly after.
  • Another shortcut was removed by the May 14th 2013 update. This one made use of a half-constructed building & tent near the main building.