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Skip up the Volcano

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Skip up the Volcano


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Skip up the Volcano, also known as the Chalice of Tears, is a jumping puzzle inside the Sopor Titanum volcano. The jumping puzzle's namesake comes from its related point of interest Chalice of Tears. Completing the jumping puzzle awards you with the Skip up the Volcano achievement and includes 4 Ancient Chests and 3 Mursaat Tokens along the way.


  • Refreshing Mists, which appear as smoke venting from cracks in the rock, indicate checkpoints. A blue burst of light will briefly appear around your character when you reach them.
    • You will be revived at the last checkpoint reached upon death if you have unlocked all of the possible checkpoints so far.
    • There are 5 checkpoints in total that you need to unlock in order to get the achievement and the chest at the end.
    • Checkpoint progress can be tracked via a set of effects with the icon Shroom Jukes.png. These effects are confusingly named; the first is "Checkpoint Start", the second is "Checkpoint 1", the third is "Checkpoint 2", and so on.
    • Checkpoints will be reset when you leave the area of the jumping puzzle, leave the zone (including logging out or switching map instances) or teleport far enough to trigger a loading screen (over 5000 units).
  • Gliding is a pivotal feature of this jumping puzzle. The Lean Techniques mastery is required for successful completion, while having Advanced Gliding is also required to make the last long glide.
  • In lower parts of the puzzle, lava spouts repeatedly appear in certain places. They will burn your glider, disabling it and knocking you out of the air if they hit you, and often indicate the way you need to glide.
  • Lava Elementals are located throughout the lower part of the puzzle; having a ranged weapon is useful to deal with them. Condition cleansing can also be useful to remove high stacks of burning the lava will give you.


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