Griffonrook Run (jumping puzzle)

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Griffonrook Run

Griffonrook Run (jumping puzzle) map.jpg
Map of Griffonrook Run


Griffonrook Run (jumping puzzle).jpg

Start of the puzzle

Interactive map

Griffonrook Run is a jumping puzzle located in Lornar's Pass.

Getting there[edit]

Start from the map Lornar's Pass, then to the Waypoint (map icon).png False Lake Waypoint in False Lake and head south. You can also start at the Waypoint (map icon).png Guutra's Homestead Waypoint and head west. The entrance to the puzzle is located underwater on the left or west side of the river.

Follow the water's edge until you find a cluster of seaweeds and the stone foundations of a house. Do not enter the door of the house below. Instead, a tiny hole outside the roof of the house, above and to the right of the front door. Swim behind the bright green seaweed, you'll see a very faint purple hue below you that leads to the jumping puzzle. Work your way into the underwater tunnel and swim until you arrive at the chasm. Head north from here until you reach the teleportation stone. This will bring you up to the start of the course.


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Related achievements[edit]


  • Gliding and mounts are disabled in this jumping puzzle.
  • For players doing the Skyscale collection: you can skip the JP. Go to the rock formation by the waypoint (just out of the no mount/gliding Zone), then do the springer cancel trick > griffon > leap of faith onto the walls with a little bit luck/few tries. Then climb forward to the left up to the metal chest.
    • Alternatively, if you have not bought the griffon yet, it is possible to use raptor + bond of faith dismount to launch to the mountain from the same rock. then circle circle around to the left until you are on an outcropping that can see the final chest. There is section of mountainside north of the final chest (west of you) that is climbable terrain. from there you can basically just walk over to the skyscale.
  • For players who simply want the achievement, you are not required to open the chest with the bomb. This can save you a headache.
  • The chest has to be opened with a bomb, but not necessarily yours. If someone comes with a bomb and opens the chest, you can loot it.
  • The chest is currently bugged so players may receive an empty chest. If this happens, log out and log back in, and you should be able to loot the chest.
  • After an update a Splendid Chest was added approximately halfway through the jumping puzzle. It can be opened without a bomb.
  • As of December 3, 2019 update: while holding the bomb, falling damage is now reduced by 50%.