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Gaeting Crystal

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Gaeting Crystal.png Gaeting Crystals are a currency earned by participating in events in the Hall of Chains, Mythwright Gambit, and The Key of Ahdashim raid wings. They are stored in the wallet and can be traded with Scholar Glenna within the raids for ascended and raid-specific items. It is possible to earn up to 150 Gaeting Crystals from events, boss attempts and kills each week. Extra crystals above the cap can be acquired by trading in raid dropped minis to Scholar Glenna and salvaging ascended raid drops.


  • Awarded for killing bosses and completing events while in Hall of Chains, Mythwright Gambit, and The Key of Ahdashim.
  • Awarded for unsuccessful attempts at defeating bosses, based on the progression in the fight.
    • Starting at 75% of health left, players get one crystal, and another two for each multiple of 25% of health lost. For example, if a team wipes below 25%, they get 5 crystals each. [verification requested]
  • Trading raid dropped minis, e.g. Mini Desmina to Scholar Glenna (40 crystals each)
Event Crystals awarded
Hall of Chains 50
Soulless Horror 15
River of Souls 10
Statues of Grenth 10
Voice in the Void 15
Mythwright Gambit 45
Conjured Amalgamate 15
Twin Largos (Nikare and Kenut) 15
Qadim 15
The Key of Ahdashim 50
Cardinal Sabir 15
Cardinal Adina 15
Qadim the Peerless 20

Salvaged from[edit]

  • Salvaging raid-specific ascended weapons, armor and trinkets - those dropped by bosses, e.g. Assaulter's Ender of All (60 crystals each).



  • Exchanging raid dropped minis to Scholar Glenna and salvaging raid drop ascended weapons, armor and trinkets does not count towards the weekly cap for Gaeting Crystals, allowing a player to obtain more than 150 crystals per week.
  • The amount of gaeting crystals earned for the week (out of 150) from bosses and events is indicated upon hovering over the gaeting crystal currency field in the wallet.


  • The name comes from one of the developer's friends, Crystal, who had a character named Gaets.[1]


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