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Pact Crowbar

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Pact Crowbar

Item type
Account Bound
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Takes effect immediately upon receipt.
Used to open airship cargo in Verdant Brink. Cargo can contain airship parts, crafting materials, armor, weapons, and recipes.

— In-game description

Pact Crowbars are used to unlock Airship Cargo and Large Airship Cargo across Verdant Brink. They are the only container key in Heart of Thorns that you cannot purchase from a vendor.


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Ley-Energy Matter Converter Ley-Energy Matter Converter Copper coin

Contained in[edit]


Sylvari Solidarity Heart of Thorns: Act 1 5Achievement points
Help a sylvari resist Mordremoth's call.Story Instance: "Torn from the Sky"
Prerequisite: Torn from the Sky
Reward: 3  Pact Crowbar.png Pact Crowbar
Helped a Sylvari Soldier Resist Mordremoth's Call 5Achievement points


  • In the Nov 28th 2017 game update this item was changed to be automatically consumed and added to the wallet. Existing versions had to be double-clicked to add them to the wallet.
    • Prior to the update Pact Crowbars could be double-clicked to help locate nearby Airship Cargo.