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June 25, 2019

Late Notes - June 25, 2019[edit]

  • Fixed an issue in which the Legendary Collector achievement did not progress when players crafted the legendary items Vision or Coalescence. Players with accounts affected by this issue can travel to any map while the item is in their possession to be granted the missing progress.

Update - June 25, 2019[edit]

Dragon Bash[edit]

It's time for Dragon Bash! It wouldn't be a proper celebration without your attendance. Join me in Hoelbrak for another moot for the ages! There will be tests of strength, racing, food, song, and most importantly—ale.

I'll see you there. Unless, of course, you don't enjoy fun.

Knut Whitebear

  • Join the celebration in Hoelbrak—the new home of the revamped Dragon Bash festival! Celebrate Tyria's resistance against the Elder Dragons while engaging in a variety of new and returning festive games, including the following:
    • Dragon Arena: Show off your dragon-fighting prowess against lifelike holograms in the Dragon Arena, or take on a more difficult gauntlet in Dragon Arena Survival.
    • Hologram Stampede: The fighting continues in the Hologram Stampede, a map-wide scramble to clear the Hoelbrak countryside of deadly enemies.
    • Pinata Bashing: Master the tradition of destroying dragon pinatas in the Pinata Bashing adventure.
    • Dragon Bash Rally: Speed around Hoelbrak in a new mounted race, the Dragon Bash Rally.
    • Moa Race: Tigg's famous racing moas return in a new moa race event. Put your zhaitaffy on the line and cheer on the winner!
  • Complete daily festival achievements to earn the Dragon Basher daily achievement, contributing to the Party Commander achievement, which rewards your choice of holographic replica weapons based on the weapons wielded by a famous hero!
  • Earn the official treat of Dragon Bash, zhaitaffy, to trade for festival prizes from vendors or craft new festive decorations for your guild hall. Be sure to save a few pieces to enjoy!
  • Share in the celebration with new Dragon Bash reward tracks in PvP and WvW.
  • The party rages for three weeks, from June 25 until July 16. Get bashing!

World Polish[edit]

  • Adjusted the positions and timing of some scenes in Hoelbrak to minimize overlap during Dragon Bash.
  • Updated rewards in Dragonfall's Mistborn Coffers to give a broader variety of items.


  • Fixed an issue in which certain accounts had unlocked a Corsair Boots skin but did not receive appropriate credit for the Visions of Dragonfall achievement. Players affected by this issue can now travel to Dragonfall to receive the missing progress.


The Key of Ahdashim[edit]

  • Fixed a bug in Challenge Mode that caused Qadim's Rain of Chaos skill to initially target the player chosen to utilize Unleash.


Profession Skills[edit]


  • Elixir Gun.png
     Elixir Gun
     Fumigate: Fixed a bug that caused this skill to cleanse conditions from allies at a range of 600 while attacking at a range of 450. It will now attack enemies and cleanse allies at a range of 600. Cleaned up the visual effect to better line up with the increased attack range.


  • Hard to Catch.png
     Hard to Catch: Fixed a bug to prevent this trait from incorrectly granting swiftness on top of its other effects.

Black Lion Trading Company Gem Store[edit]

New Items and Promotions[edit]

Black Lion Chest[edit]

Improvements and Updates[edit]

  • Increased the limit on the number of musical notes that can be played per second on all musical instruments before their skills are forced to cooldown.

Bug Fixes[edit]

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