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Club Canach

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Club Canach

Point of Interest
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Club Canach is a social club located just outside of the main Arborstone structure.


  • Unlocked after completing End of Dragons story chapter Empty.
    • You only have to do this once to unlock Club Canach for all characters on your account.

Getting there[edit]

From Waypoint (map icon).png Arborstone Waypoint, go northwest (towards the Vindicator profession NPC marker) and through the archway out of the main structure. To your right there will be a shack and 2 tengu. Facing them, there is a tunnel to your right. Head through the tunnel behind to reach the portal to Club Canach.


Canach Coin.png Canach Coins are awarded for various activities inside Club Canach.


Club Canach





Merchant (vendor icon).png Club Canach Rewards Vendor
Merchant (vendor icon).png Daxx
Merchant (vendor icon).png Winn Schwartzmeier



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Ambient dialogue[edit]

Canach: Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to my humble establishment. It is our honor to entertain you tonight.
Canach: So, sit back, have a drink, enjoy the band...
Canach: And try not to spend all your money. After all, we want you to come back and do it next time!
Club Patron (1): You just watch and learn. I've got a system!
Club Patron (2): No, you don't, coin placement's completely random.
Club Patron (1): You sure no one saw us?
Club Patron (2): Let 'em see us. I don't care. There's a truce anyway now, didn't you hear?
Club Patron (1): A temporary truce.
Club Patron (2): There's nothing temporary about my feelings for you. If I have to leave the Brotherhood, so be it...
Club Patron (1): Really? Oh, I feel the same way! And if the Speakers won't have me, let the wilds take them!
At the bar
Club Patron: I heard you're good at surprises.
Winn Schwartzmeier: Mmmhmm, but first I need to know what you like: dark spirits or clear?
Club Patron: Clear. I get in trouble with dark liquor...
Winn Schwartzmeier: And for flavor profile: Herby? Citrus? Berry? Warm? Rich?
Club Patron: Let's go with citrus! And maybe herb?
Winn Schwartzmeier: Okay, I've got something in mind. What do you think about gin, grapefruit, lemon, elderflower, and a sprig of rosemary?
Club Patron: I think it's gonna be a good night!
Approaching Canach in his office (one of the following)
Canach: When we first met, did you ever imagine we'd find ourselves here? Me, wealthy beyond imagining. You, still alive.
Canach: When they told me the site was in a ruin, I was skeptical, but it really adds to the ambience, no?
Canach: I hope you haven't ordered a drink yet. When you do, be sure to tell Winn you're a friend of the house.


Related achievements[edit]

  • When used to tip the band or bar (100 Canach coins per tip), opens a hidden achievement Fan of the Band, which awards the title Jazz Connoisseur and 3 AP.
  • Gold can also be used to tip the band or bar (5 gold per tip). This opens a separate hidden achievement Winn's Favorite Patron, which awards the title Winn's Favorite and 3 AP.


  • The band is playing a jazz rendition of Out of the Dream.
  • Canach has signed and framed a number of his own Wanted posters from his days as a fugitive in Southsun Cove. One such poster hangs above the fireplace in his office, as pictured below in the Gallery.
  • Using Teleport to Friend.pngTeleport to Friend without story step and mastery, will use the item and immediately kick you out, without unlocking Waypoint or Point of Interest.