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Airship Part

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Airship Part.png

Airship Part

Item type
Account Bound
Game link

Takes effect immediately upon receipt.

— In-game description

Service item icon.

As wallet currency:

Earned and spent in Verdant Brink. Train the Itzel Language Mastery ability to trade with Itzel vendors for bladed armor and other goods.

— In-game description

Airship Part.png Airship Parts are currency obtained in Verdant Brink from various events. They are stored in the Account Wallet.


Gathered from[edit]

Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Guest Elder (Research Merchant) Guest Elder   Thousand Seas Pavilion 10 Jade Sliver
Jade Servitor (merchant) Jade Servitor Xunlai Jade Junkyard
The Echovald Wilds
10 Jade Sliver
Repurposed Jade Servitor (Research Merchant) Repurposed Jade Servitor Echovald Fringe Dragon's End 10 Jade Sliver
Xunlai Jade Sales Associate Xunlai Jade Sales Associate Shing Jea Monastery
Mori Village
Cobble Ward
Garden Heights
Daigo Ward
Lutgardis Plaza
Seitung Harbor
Xunlai Jade Quarry
Southern Bluff
Seitung Province
The Echovald Wilds
New Kaineng City
New Kaineng City
Seitung Province
New Kaineng City
Seitung Province
Dragon's End
Dragon's End
10 Jade Sliver

Contained in[edit]

Rewarded by[edit]


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Character Hero point Hero point Supply Supply
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Cache Key.pngCache Key Jade Miner's Keycard.pngJade Miner's Keycard
Miscellaneous Geode Geode Bandit Crest Bandit Crest Airship Part Airship Part Lump of Aurillium Lump of Aurillium
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Static Charge.png Static Charge Pinch of Stardust.png Pinch of Stardust Calcified Gasp.png Calcified Gasp
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