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Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs

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Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs


Craftsman Hobbs Position.jpg

Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs's location in Lion's Arch.

Interactive map

Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs is a vendor located in Trader's Forum, within Lion's Arch. He is found just north of the Armorsmith tango icon 20px.png Armorsmithing Station in that area.

He offers items and recipes required to craft precursor weapons, which can then be used to create the associated legendary weapon. Items offered by this vendor must be unlocked by acquiring certain masteries from the Legendary Crafting mastery track.


Items offered[edit]

For the types of weapons associated with each legendary name,

See also: Precursor weapon#List of precursor weapons

Legendary Journey Unlocks[edit]

Second Collection Books[edit]

  • Requires an associated first-tier precursor weapon.

Third Collection Books[edit]

Fourth Collection Books[edit]

Weapon Recipes[edit]

  • First-tier precursor weapon recipes always available.

Collection Recipes[edit]

  • Purchase available while doing the associated collections.

First Collection Chests[edit]

  • Requires completing the associated first-tier collection.
  • Available for purchase as a replacement if lost.

Second Collection Chests[edit]

  • Requires completing the associated second-tier collection.
  • Available for purchase as a replacement if lost.

Third Collection Chests[edit]

  • Requires completing the associated third-tier collection.
  • Available for purchase as a replacement if lost.

Fourth Collection Chests[edit]

  • Available for purchase as a replacement if lost.


Recovered Items[edit]

  • If you have already acquired one of the items listed below but no longer have it in your inventory, you may purchase another one. Some may be purchasable, even if they are currently in your inventory.
  • Items that you have not already obtained or you have already incorporated into something else will not appear.


Without any ranks in Legendary Precursor Crafting Mastery
You think you can craft a legendary precursor weapon? Come back to me once you have trained the first Mastery ability in the Legendary Crafting Mastery Track.
Talk end option tango.png I'll get right on that!
With one or more rank
You are well on your way to crafting a Legendary. Keep at it, my friend!
Talk merchant tango.png Show me your wares.
Karma.png I have misplaced a vital component for crafting my Legendary.
Talk more option tango.png I got your letter about new legendary equipment.
Good. The master crafters are researching a new form of legendary crafting that requires salvage material from runes and sigils.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks for the information.
Talk end option tango.png Thank you for all your help.
After getting a rank in Revered Antiquarian


Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs

Your Legendary Journey

Greetings, Traveler! Hail, Seeker of Legends!

It has been brought to my attention that you have attained the rank of Revered Antiquarian and are now ready to begin the long and difficult journey to crafting a legendary weapon! Congratulations!

When you are ready to being on this momentous mission, come see me. I can be found by the crafting stations near Trader's Forum in Lion's Arch. I look forward to seeing you.

Yours legendarily,
Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs

After Recipe: Hypothesis was made available for purchase


Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs

New Recipes Available!

Hail, Forger of Legends!

New and exciting recipes have been discovered. Come see me, and you can learn how to craft your next legendary weapon!

Yours in legend,
Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs

With game update July 30, 2019


Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs

Legendary upgrades available!


New and exciting recipes have been developed. Speak to me in Lion's Arch to learn more.

Legendarily yours,
Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs

Related achievements[edit]