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Magnetite Shard

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Magnetite Shard.png Magnetite Shards are a currency earned by participating in events in all raids. They are stored in the wallet and can be traded with Scholar Glenna within the raids for raid-specific items, and with Basic Magnetite Exchange Operative within the Lion's Arch Aerodrome for generic ascended items. It is possible to earn up to 150 Magnetite Shards from events, boss attempts and kills each week. Extra shards above the cap can be acquired by trading in raid dropped minis to Scholar Glenna or Basic Magnetite Exchange Operative and salvaging ascended raid drops.


Event Shards awarded
Spirit Vale 50
Vale Guardian 10
Spirit Woods (closing the Spectral Rifts) 2
Spirit Woods (escaping the ghost wall) 3
Spirit Woods (opening the gates of the cemetery) 1
Gorseval the Multifarious 14
Clear the bandits 2
Sabetha the Saboteur 18
Salvation Pass 50
Slothasor 12
Prison Camp 15
Cull the bandits 3
Matthias Gabrel 20
Stronghold of the Faithful 50
Siege the Stronghold 10
Keep Construct 15
Traverse the Twisted Castle 5
Xera 20
Bastion of the Penitent 60
Cairn the Indomitable 10
Mursaat Overseer 13
Samarog 17
Deimos 20

Salvaged from[edit]

  • Each item gives 60 shards.
  • Salvaging raid-specific ascended weapons, armor and trinkets such as:



  • Selling raid dropped minis to Scholar Glenna and salvaging raid drop ascended weapons, armor and trinkets does not count towards the weekly cap for Magnetite Shards, allowing a player to obtain more than 150 shards per week.
    • Ascended raid drop weapons and armor that have been reforged to have different stats cannot then be salvaged for Magnetite Shards.
  • You are able to spend Magnetite shards for ascended armor via Basic Magnetite Exchange Operative. Full set this way costs 1 300 shards, with 150 cap it will take about 9 weeks of reaching the cap to obtain full set of armor.
  • The amount of magnetite shards earned for the week (out of 150) from bosses and events is indicated upon hovering over the magnetite shard currency field in the wallet.
The number of Magnetite Shards awarded for completing events and boss kills is affected by Map Bonus Rate Increase obtained from the Guild Tavern, increasing the rate of acquisition. It is unknown whether this is intended.


  • Magnetite is a naturally occurring form of iron ore, abundantly found in the mountains. It can form natural permanent magnets, called lodestones, due to the Earth's magnetic field.
  • The Magnetite Shard cap was 105 per week but was stealth changed in an update to 100 per week. The Stronghold of the Faithful release included a further undisclosed increase to 150 of the weekly cap.