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Noxious Pod

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Noxious Pod

Noxious Pod.jpg

Dragon's Stand
(Heart of Maguuma)
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Open Noxious Pod.jpg

An opened Noxious Pod.

Noxious Pods are chests in Dragon's Stand opened with Machetes.

Pods appear within the area of the forward and advance camps of each lane when these camps are captured by allied forces. More pods will become available in the camps for each additional group of allies that the players obtain through completing events. Also, a small number of pods are known to spawn in the lanes between camps, within the area of checkpoint events, and within the Blighting Towers. Look on the sides of the main lanes or in special events areas as the lane progresses. In particular, the map starts with at least two pods along each lane, they can be found even if the meta event has not yet begun.

After the meta event completes successfully, bonus Noxious Pods appear in set hidden locations hinted by red arrows that appear on the map. Each "hidden" location, only accessible after the Mouth of Mordremoth is defeated, will usually contain 3-5+ pods in different locations within the hidden section.

Note that it is not possible to join a completed map to farm Noxious Pods: the map is sealed when the meta-event completes so that no new players can join.





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  • 9 Noxious Pods can be found without doing any events — 3 Pods can be found in each lane, with usually one around the waypoints.
  • Crystalline Ore drop rate research can be found here.
Noxious Pods that appear in camps after events will only give Pile of Auric Dust instead of either Bottle of Airship Oil or Ley Line Spark, regardless of lane. Same is true for Potion of Auric Attunement, Potion of Verdant Attunement and Potion of Tangled Attunement, where only the first one can be acquired from aforementioned pods.