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June 7, 2022

May 26, 2022
June 8, 2022

Late Notes - June 7, 2022[edit]


Special Forces Training Area[edit]

  • Mushroom King's Blessing: This special action skill will now correctly reset pet skills.
  • Boons cast and maintained by players are no longer periodically removed when interacting with the arena console.
  • Reapplied boons no longer freeze the client while the Hero panel is open.
  • The downed NPC that appears when stealing from the golem no longer grants experience when revived.
  • Condition immunity and direct (striking) damage now have appropriate toggles so they can be added to or removed from the respective golems.


  • In the Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission, the challenge mode enrage timer will no longer run on normal mode.
  • In the Kaineng Overlook Strike Mission, the Mech Rider will no longer sometimes turn friendly and stall progression when defeated.

Update - June 07, 2022[edit]

Dragon Bash[edit]

It's time for Dragon Bash! It wouldn't be a proper celebration without your attendance. Join me in Hoelbrak for another moot for the ages! There will be tests of strength, racing, food, song, and most importantly—ale.

I'll see you there. Unless, of course, you don't enjoy fun.

Knut Whitebear

  • Join the celebration in Hoelbrak! Celebrate Tyria's resistance against the Elder Dragons while engaging in a variety of festive games:
    • Dragon Arena: Show off your dragon-fighting prowess against lifelike holograms in the Dragon Arena, or tackle a more difficult gauntlet in Dragon Arena Survival.
    • Hologram Stampede: The fighting continues in the Hologram Stampede, a map-wide scramble to clear the Hoelbrak countryside of deadly enemies.
    • Piñata Bashing: Master the tradition of destroying dragon piñatas in the Piñata Bashing adventure.
    • Dragon Bash Rally: Speed around Hoelbrak in a mounted race, the Dragon Bash Rally.
    • Moa Race: Tigg's famous racing moas return in a moa race event. Put your zhaitaffy on the line and cheer on the winner!
  • The festival meta-achievement, (Annual) Dragon Bash Feats, has been updated with a new reward, the Holographic Dragon Greaves Box. Last year's reward, the Holographic Dragon Gloves, can now be purchased from the Dragon Bash Merchant.
  • A new Dragonbone weapon set is now available! You'll receive your choice of a weapon by progressing the Dragon Bash Feats meta-achievement, and you can rarely find additional tradeable weapons in Dragon Coffers available from a new daily achievement.
  • A new weekly achievement, Dragon Bash Festivities, is now available. Participate in various festival activities to earn progress and get weekly rewards!
  • Three new weapons are now available as rare drops from Dragon Coffers. They can also be purchased from Sparking Stone, a Dragon Bash weapons vendor in Hoelbrak.
  • New rewards have been added to the Dragon Bash rewards vendor, including two miniatures.
  • New guild decorations have been added to let you give your guild hall additional holographic flavor—a new set of holographic racing track decorations, including projectors for checkpoints and power-ups!
  • The party rages for three weeks, from June 7 until June 28 at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7). Get bashing!

Festive Fixes[edit]

  • Updated the Hologram Stampede to relax the participation required for rewards when many players are fighting a single generator's holograms.
  • Added a few extra piñatas to Hoelbrak so that determined adventurers can gather the daily bonus zhaitaffy in a single trip.

Living World[edit]


DirectX 11[edit]

  • Cursor clipping now changes immediately when changing between full-screen and windowed modes.
  • Cursor clipping is now disabled when the game window is not focused.
  • Improved the clarity of the user interface when using non-native render resolution options.
  • Full-screen windowed mode will now take effect on the nearest monitor instead of always using the primary monitor.
  • When switching to windowed mode, the window will now shrink slightly.
  • Fixed a bug in which ground-cover vegetation models (grass, flowers) were not responding to character presence.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented footstep effects from rendering correctly.

Special Forces Training Area[edit]

The Special Forces Training Area contains a variety of valuable tools that players can use to test their strengths and hone their skills. Previously, this content was accessible only through the Lion's Arch Aerodrome and Arborstone, and it required that players be in a raiding squad to enter. With this update, we're lifting these restrictions and enabling more players to utilize the training opportunities within the area.

  • The Special Forces Training Area is now accessible to everyone and no longer requires a raid squad.
  • Mounts are now allowed in the Special Forces Training Area.
  • Added a new entrance to the Special Forces Training Area in Lion's Arch.


Dungeons are the first instanced group content new players can experience in Guild Wars 2, and with this update we're looking to simplify and standardize their rewards structure for a more satisfying experience.

  • A new global dungeon currency, Tales of Dungeon Delving, has been introduced.
  • All previous dungeon currencies have been retired.
  • Completing any dungeon will now award Tales of Dungeon Delving.
  • Existing dungeon currencies will be converted to the new Tales of Dungeon Delving currency upon logging in.
  • To purchase rare armor from a dungeon merchant, players are required to complete the dungeon story mode associated with the armor.
  • To purchase exotic armor, weapons, and legendary gifts from dungeon merchants, players are now required to complete the dungeon explorable mode associated with the item.
    • Note: Accounts that have already completed any story mode or explorable path before this change are exempt from this requirement.
  • The final chest awarded after completing each explorable dungeon path will now award one piece of rare equipment.


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