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A skin is a property of equipment that determines the appearance of the item on the character's model. Each item of equipment, except trinkets, has a skin applied to it, which can be unlocked by acquiring the item. Skins of the acquired equipment are unlocked once they are account bound or soulbound. Another source of skins are consumable skin items, which are used to unlock the skin and apply it directly to the relevant piece of equipment. The process of changing equipment's skin is called transmutation, and the resulting item has a "transmuted" property, displayed in the tooltip.

The Wardrobe tab in the Hero panel allows to view and apply the unlocked skins to the equipment accessible to the character's profession. All equipment skins in the game, both locked and unlocked, except for the hidden skins, are viewable in the Wardrobe Storage in the Account vault.


A skin must be unlocked before it is available for use.

  • Account bound and soulbound items with a skin unlock the skin automatically upon acquisition.
  • Non-account bound items automatically unlock their respective skin if they can no longer be sold on the trading post. This includes:
    • Using a skin consumable
    • Equipping or customizing equipment
    • Right-clicking on the item and account binding it
    • Destroying, salvaging, or Mystic Forging the item
      • Note that this only applies to Skins, not other items that are stored in the account Wardrobe. For example, Minis used in the Mystic Forge are not added to the wardrobe.


Unlocked equipment skins can be applied in the Wardrobe tab of the Hero panel.

Once unlocked, a skin can be applied to any equipment of the relevant type in the Wardrobe tab of the Hero panel. Each individual skin change costs a Transmutation Charge.png Transmutation Charge, which are obtained from various in-game rewards.

Only the skins for the weapons and armor accessible to the character's profession can be viewed in the Wardrobe and customized. Additionally, Cultural armor sets are restricted to their respective playable races, and these skins cannot be changed on a character from a different race.

Legendary equipment allows applying unlocked skins freely without spending transmutation charges or consumable skin items.

Consumable skin items[edit]

A skin also refers to the type of consumable items which are used to unlock the skin and apply it directly to the relevant piece of equipment. Using the skin item opens the Wardrobe user interface and consumes it upon confirming the skin change. Applying a skin by using a consumable item does not use Transmutation Charge.png Transmutation Charges.


  • For some armor skins, unlocking a skin of a particular armor class will unlock the versions for the other armor classes.
  • PvP items were removed and unlocked skins with the April 15, 2014 game update.

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