Tale of Dungeon Delving

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Earned in dungeons. Spent in Lion's Arch to purchase rare and exotic gear, runes and sigils, crafting materials, and the legendary crafting components used in creating legendary weapons.

— In-game description

File:Tale of Dungeon Delving.png Tales of Dungeon Delving are a currency earned by completing dungeons in explorable mode. They are stored in the Account Wallet and may be traded to any Dungeon Merchant.


Contained in[edit]


  • 20 Tales of Dungeon Delving are given for a completion of each chosen explorable path, with a bonus 80 for each path once a day.

Currency for[edit]



Tyrian Explorers Society

Your dungeon tokens have been converted!

Dear Explorer,

Tales of your deeds have travelled far and wide! However, these tales change with each retelling. To alleviate this, the Tyrian Explorers Society has adopted a new system. All tokens you received are now converted into Tales of Dungeon Delving. Rest assured, these Tales can be exchanged at the same rate as previous tokens at a local dungeon vendor. However, because this system has been unified, you may find yourself needing to reexplore these dungeons to access some of the goods these vendors possess.

Happy Delving!

—Tyrian Explorers Society