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Whispers Emissary Chest

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Whispers Emissary Chest

Whispers Emissary Chest.jpg

Hall of Monuments
(Eye of the North)
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Whispers Emissary Chest 3 Crystals.jpg
The Chest after it has been opened with 3 Prophet Crystals and 3 Strikes have been completed.

The Whispers Emissary Chest is a chest that can be found inside the Eye of the North while the Order of Whispers Emissary is present. The chest can only be looted once a week per account, and it resets weekly. Opening it requires 1 to 3  Red Prophet Crystal.png Red Prophet Crystals. The chest will always ask for the highest amount of crystals the player can afford at the moment (up to 3). If a player has 2 crystals, it will ask for 2, and so on.

The chest has 5 orbs hovering above it. Each is labeled and signals if certain strike missions have been completed.


Shiverpeak Mountains



Without any Prophet Crystals
The chest thrums with potential. Use Red Prophet Crystals to open. Contains rewards from Strike Missions you have completed since last opening it.
Can be opened once a week.
Talk end option tango.png I should ask the emissary about this.

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