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Joko Loyalists

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King Joko trusts us to carry out his will. Even if we did die... It'd be worth it.

Joko Loyalist in Tactical Triage

Joko Loyalists are a group of individuals, most of which are nobles, that have willingly pledged their allegiance to Palawa Joko. They are presently led by Former Grand Vizier Utumishi.


Following Palawa Joko's conquest of Elona in 1175 AE, several nobles and commoners gradually pledged themselves to the lich king and were rewarded for their service, while those who opposed Joko were silenced. The Loyalists helped the Mordant Crescent hunt down the Order of the Sunspears, securing Joko's grip over Elona in the following decades.[1]

When Balthazar's Forged army invaded the Elonian mainland in 1330 AE, the Domain of Istan's loyalists began hoarding food shipments from the mainland in Palawadan, Jewel of Istan, while denying those outside Palawadan's walls the food on the grounds of them ostensibly being disloyal. The loyalists sent brute squads to claim more food from the homesteads as well as forcibly imprison villagers and recruit them to bolster the ranks of Joko's army.[2]

Although the initial reason was for the nobility to feel virtuous watching half the island starve, the outcry grew into a rebellion by 1331 AE when the protesting people in the countryside were recruited into the ranks of Spearmarshal Zaeim's branch of Istani Sunspears.[3] The growing hostilities escalated into open warfare culminating in the Sunspears' raid on Palawadan during which many notable Istani Loyalists were killed.

Two weeks prior to the Battle of Gandara, Palawa Joko's Loyalists discovered that the Sunspears had been using the village of Palawa's Benevolence in the Domain of Kourna as a waypoint for their messengers. The Loyalist Sabil was ordered to plant eggs containing the second generation of the Scarab Plague in the local crops in preparation for Joko's plan to grow the third and deadliest scarab generation. Loyalists raided the village and killed several villagers while searching for Sunspear sympathizers, including Sabil's wife whom Doctor Tasin was unable to save, which prompted Sabil to have his revenge by infecting Tasin with scarab eggs which later hatched and killed her from within. Upon learning of Sabil's failure to plant more scarab eggs, Joko ordered a group of local Loyalists to continue infecting the crops in greater numbers, but the Loyalists' plans were thwarted by the Pact Commander.[4]

Following Joko's demise in the Battle of Gandara, the surviving Joko Loyalists regrouped under Former Grand Vizier Utumishi in the interregnum period and attended a summit between Elona's political factions in the Fortress of Jahai where they disagreed with the claims of the Sunspears and the Free Awakened and threatened to walked out to create an autonomous nation separate from the rest of Elona.

The loyalists began collaborating with their rival factions, however, when they were forced to flee into Sun's Refuge from the invasion of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik's Branded. They came to realize that Palawa Joko would not be returning from the dead once a ruse by an Awakened mesmer posing as Joko had been exposed.[5]


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