Wooden Whistle

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Wooden Whistle (skill).png

Wooden Whistle

Wooden Whistle.jpg

250 Bauble

Plays three notes.

— Vendor description

The Wooden Whistle is a seventh slot Super Adventure Box upgrade. After learning various songs, players can use it to activate various things, such as opening hidden doors or breaking nearby stalactites.


Purchased from a shopkeeper for 250 Bauble at Shop #3 in Rapids, Shop #2 and hidden Shop #4 in Pain Cliffs, and Shop #1 at the start of Storm Top.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
7 Wooden Whistle (skill).png Wooden Whistle 0.25¼ Equip a wooden whistle.


Scattered through World 2 are songs that, once learned, can be played for various effects.

Name Notes Effect Acquisition
Secret Song 1-2-3-1-2-3
Secret Song.jpg
When played, displays Moto's face on nearby surfaces that can be bombed to reveal secrets.
Learned in the secret shop in World 2, Zone 1, Area 8
  • Once you get to the river with crocodiles and moving logs, climb around the cliffs and across the flower launch pads on the far left of the river from the side that you enter from. Interact with a Log inside a shop.
Gatekeeper Lullaby 3-3-2-3-3-1
Gatekeeper Lullaby.jpg
Opens specific doors, and temporarily disables nearby mouths on the mountainsides of World 2, Zone 3.
Learned in a secret area in World 2, Zone 2
  • Climb on the roof of the gong pagoda, use the flower launch pad and navigate the maze to Raccoon Kingpin. Use a bomb on the dark patch of grass between the maze and the Stump.
Shatter Serenade 1-3-3-1-3-3
Shatter Serenade.jpg
Destroys nearby ice formations such as stalactites and frozen waterfalls. Unlike using the torch, waterfalls opened in this way will not seal again.
Learned in a secret area in World 2, Zone 3, Between checkpoint 6 and 7
  • Use the Gatekeeper Lullaby near the middle of the corridor covered in spiked ground, navigate through the maze and kill all Bananas in the large room.


  • Earliest obtainable whistle is in World 2, Zone 1's hidden shop, which is located near checkpoint 7.
  • "Learning" a song requires interacting with the object that teaches it to you; merely being aware of the correct notes is not enough.
  • Using the Wooden Whistle skill will produce the Wooden Whistle "kit" immediately. However, until the animation for pulling out the whistle and putting it to your lips is finished, nothing you input will be counted as playing a song.
    • This is extremely important when attempting to reach Moto's Finger and the hidden rooms adjacent to it; you have little time to play the song that opens the doorway when you're still producing the flute on the evaporating clouds in front of it. You may also enter the song flawlessly and wonder why it doesn't work.
  • Players do not actually need to own the Wooden Whistle to learn the Secret Song or Gatekeeper Lullaby.
  • There is a barrier that requires the Shatter Serenade song before it can be learned, so the player must play Storm Top in Exploration Mode to bypass the puzzle, have a friend with the music already unlocked, or have a torch and bomb available.